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Apr 18, 2013

Crikey Calling: the earning and learning podcast

Has the Business Council of Australia got a vision for Australia? Has anyone? Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane takes Crikey editor Jason Whittaker through the business agenda. Plus should we really give a Gonski?

Crikey Calling is independent media for independent minds – in handy podcast form! Join the Crikey crew for a lively (if somewhat wonky) look behind the scenes of politics and power in Australia.

Learn about what’s really happening in Canberra and around the country as we chew on the biggest national affairs issues of the week, dissecting the politics, policy and players as only the Crikey newsroom can.


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One thought on “Crikey Calling: the earning and learning podcast

  1. Professor Tournesol

    Yes, we have a grand vision for Australia, it’s called ‘Budget Surplus’. Easy to achieve – private wealth, public squalor. The Coalition and ALP both pursue this mindless policy with unholy vigour.