Apr 17, 2013

One Nation claims against ‘vengeful and political’ Abbott acts

Fifteen years after it began, Tony Abbott's secret pact to destroy One Nation will be examined in open court. Crikey has obtained the statement of claim by One Nation co-founder David Ettridge.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

One Nation co-founder David Ettridge’s bombshell $1.5 million legal action against Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is looming as unwanted distraction as the prime minister-in-waiting presses home his electoral advantage against the Gillard government.

Ettridge, alongside former Abbott staffer David Oldfield, was the other half of the “two Davids” that set up One Nation in 1997 as a vehicle for Pauline Hanson’s dubious political ambitions.

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24 thoughts on “One Nation claims against ‘vengeful and political’ Abbott acts

  1. mikehilliard

    It’s one thing to go abut tearing down a political party with lies & half truths, that’s exactly what Abbott’s doing now. It’s another thing altogether to be a minister involved in the litigation and jailing of innocent people (no matter who they are).

    Always comforting to know that 15 years on we still have the same old Abbott.

  2. The Pav

    If succesful would the damages claim bankrupt Abbott?

    Even the legal fees could cause this since he so recently said he was doing it tough financially.

    If he receives funding for his legal fees by donations will this have to be declared?

  3. Saugoof

    it’s the sort of lawsuit where you wish both parties would lose…

    That said, I’m sure Abbott is right that there is an element of payback in there, but I also have little doubt that there was a lot on both sides that wasn’t exactly ethical, to put it mildly. If there’s one good thing coming out of this law suit, it’s that there’s a chance that what happened behind the scenes at the times may end up getting revealed now.

  4. John Bennetts

    Not “now”, Saugoof.


    If the case proceeds, there’s Buckley’s chance of the details coming out before Sept 12, let alone now.

  5. Mark from Melbourne

    I’m with Saugoof, a pox on both their houses. Politics can be a dirty business – doesn’t need to be but often is. And it’s not just the current crop – if you read your history it has always been thus. Was very interested to hear about what the loss of some of Menzies cabinet in that plane crash triggered all those years ago – fascinating stuff.

  6. Kevin

    Please do not refer to Abbott as “the prime minister-in-waiting”…. We do have a democratic system of voting that decides these thing…… It called an election……

  7. zut alors

    I agree with John Bennetts.

    The last I heard Ramjan vs Kroger and The Oz is being delayed until next year. Hence, no light will be shone on Abbott’s behaviour from that quarter prior to the election. Ditto with the Ettridge lawsuit.

    Lady Luck seems to be favouring Abbott at the moment – but she has a habit of being unpredictable and turning.

  8. Achmed

    I’m sure Abbotts legal team will ensure the proceedings do not take place before the election and they will apply for a “gag” on proceedings

  9. shepherdmarilyn

    It seems to me the only dodgy person here was and is Abbott.

  10. dazza

    Australians for honest politics.. And Abbot?? That just doesn’t sound right!

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