Apr 16, 2013

The slippery and convenient concept of ‘class warfare’

"Class warfare" is a confected term sprayed about across the nation's newspapers of late to shut down policy debate. But funny how it only applies to the rich ...

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

At times, it’s easier tracking what’s not “class warfare” than what is.


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81 thoughts on “The slippery and convenient concept of ‘class warfare’

  1. Achmed

    The superannuation change has been well misrepresented to the point that 46% are unhappy that less than 1% will be paying more tax. And yet as stated by Bernard there is little commentary about the Abbott plan to attck the lowest income workers by removing the $500 a year contribution.

    As Bernard says….any move against the wealthy is class war.

    But any move against the poorest is fiscal responsibility

  2. negativegearmiddleclasswelfarenow.com

    Middleclass welfare, particularly the billions that are transferred annually in the form of private school subsidies and the private health rebate, to those already privileged is little more than theft from those taxpayers unable to take part.
    It was Margaret Thatcher who said that middleclass welfare is an insane extravagance driven by a selfish, self destructive ideology. Those who advocate this form of welfare trot out ‘choice’ as a screen that allows the stealing to hide behind an ideological cloak.
    That is the theft from ordinary folk, the real casualties in this war, trying raise a family on a $50000 income.

  3. Saugoof

    It’s this year’s “Un-Australian”….

  4. Jimmy

    Saugoof – I am pretty sure I have seen an article describing “class warfare” as “unaustralian”!

    I find it amazing that papers like the HS and Tele who pitch themselves at the battler are constantly defending the wealthy and against cutting back any form of middle class welfare (although I get the impression that once the libs get in they will be all slashing and burning anything they can get their hands on.

    Yesterday the Sun actually had an article saying how the benefits of the mining boom had been wasted but then laid the blame squarely at Wayne Swans feet despite all the damage being done by the Howard govt (plus the 2007 tax cuts promised by both sides).

  5. drovers cat

    perhaps the use of ‘class warfare’ should invoke a separate version of Godwin’s Law

  6. soglad

    I’m quite ready to vote for anybody willing to take some class war back to the rich parasites* and Coalition voting idiots who back them against their own interest.

    * The second word purposely excludes those wealthy who actually make their money work in the economy and don’t cry poor when they pay tax according to their footprint. They exist.

  7. bluepoppy

    It is as you have observed a tactic to cut down debate whether it be about disparity or government’s kowtowing to the big end of town. Much easier to bring out the ‘class warfare’ or ‘tall poppy’ diversion to avoid addressing some really important issues. At least there is Occupy to cut through some of the bull.

  8. Jimmy

    Blue poppy – if you are relying on occupy to make a change you will be disappointed – nobody even remembers them any more.

  9. Jimmy

    Blue poppy – if you are rel ying on occupy to make a change you will be disappointed – nobody even remembers them any more.

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