Nicole Humphreys writes…

Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez – The Pajama Men – are talented comedians.  They both impress the audience with their assorted repertoire of characters, facial gymnastics and vocal abilities.

The absurdist storyline bounces between several pairs of characters, each with their own distinctly amusing idiosyncrasies.  It’s eclectic and it takes a little while to start making sense – but it actually doesn’t matter, as the boys’ ability to keep you entertained is an amusing way to keep you guessing.  And once you’re on their wavelength you’re in for a pretty fun ride.

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It’s a fast paced show but their transitions between characters are seamless.  They even drop in the local reference of an Australian waiter character to the audiences’ enjoyment.

There’s a ‘penny drop’ moment – which for this reviewer came about half way through the one hour show – when all of a sudden it becomes apparent how all of the characters’ stories are going to weave in together.

Allen and Chavez faultlessly combine stories of a medieval king and his hunch-backed sidekick with a one-armed family-friendly-casino-owning hillbilly, a Latin lothario and many others. Situations that you thought were so obscure at the start begin to make sense.

At times, their play on idioms was slightly overdone but that is the only small critique in this very entertaining show.  The Pajama Men will have you baffled and laughing, but most of all impressed at their diverse skill sets.

Just the Two of Each of Us is on at the Arts Centre, 9:00pm Tues – Sat, 8:00pm Sun until April 21st.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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