Christian charity?

Graeme Major writes: Re. “Tony Abbott talks God and Western values behind closed doors” (Friday). I thought George Pell was supposed to be batting for the weakest and poorest layers of society. So why would he want to attend that IPA event to associate with all those elitist ultra-conservative types doing their best to increase their own wealth, privilege and advantage at the expense of everyone else? But then perhaps he was the covert messenger who secretly taped and brought the news of that great event to the outside world.

Waiting for The Guardian

Dan Frawley writes: Re. “Tips and rumours” (yesterday). I can confirm that indeed the Fairfax paywall has kicked in on overseas users. I have just reached my 10-article limit and sadly will not be visiting their site again. When faced with a front page of fluffy entertainment stories and clickbait I made the snap decision to remove their app from my tablet. When does the real Grauniad start up on the Yarra?

North Korean conundrum

Niall Clugston writes: Re. “Conservative or reactionary?” (yesterday). The problem with the negotiations on Korea that Alan McPhate suggests  is that both sides are adamant on some points. North Korea will not diminish its military power, which now includes atomic bombs and soon intercontinental ballistic missile. And the USA and South Korea do not want a peace treaty with North Korea.  They do not want any agreement that legitimises North Korea. They, and their allies, did not even want the armistice that ended the war, continuing bombing as the negotiations dragged on for years. They — and this is understandable from their point of view — are just waiting for North Korea to die.

Warning: pollie (almost) nudity

Fiona McKenzie writes: Re. “Richard Farmer’s chunky bits” (yesterday). For those of us who eat lunch while reading Crikey, a warning at the top of the email is required before including pictures of a budgie smugglered Leader of the Opposition.

My stomach is not that strong.