Nicole Humphreys writes…

Bart is a quirky and entertaining performer – The Age of Wonder is thankfully not your run-of-the-mill comedy gig.  His age of wonder is childhood youth and his cleverly sculpted jokes let the audience reminisce and think about their versions of his anecdotes.

Bart sees things differently to most people.  But he takes you on his journey and it’s funny, intelligent and genuine.

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Bart amuses the audience talking about childhood dreams, what kids want to be when they grow up and the simple naivety of being a child.  He weaves in personal accounts, revealing his devastation at realising that he will never be able to recreate his ‘becoming a man’ moment; stepping up from a Happy Meal to eat his first Big Mac.

It’s not all about childhood nostalgia, Bart flows nicely into stories talking about the crazy world of the internet and his experiences with internet dating.  He manages to subtly turn a few perceptions on their head and without you realising, make you think about something in a way you hadn’t before.  Instead of the easy gag and making fun of fat people, Bart casts them in a new light – with potential super human powers – and the positive spin is a humble and funny one.

Bart certainly has unique observations, but has a way of capturing these ideas and delivering them through compelling stories and anecdotes.  The Age of Wonder is a genuinely funny and entertaining show with intelligent and insightful undertones.

Bart Freebairn in The Age of Wonder is on at the Spleen Bar, 9:30pm Tues – Thurs and Sat until April 20.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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