Apr 8, 2013

Fairfax journo hits out: fear and favour in AFR takeover

Fairfax journalist Paddy Manning fears the incursion of The Australian Financial Review in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. He writes scathingly of his employer for Crikey.

Today’s rubbishy “First Person” sponsored editorial in The Australian Financial Review is a perfect example of why the business sections of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age should not be merged with the Financial Review Group — a decision announced by Fairfax last week.

Brought to you by the Commonwealth Bank, it features a rambling interview (plus vision!) with former Business Council president Graham Bradley, who calls for a wave of deregulation by the incoming Abbott government. Bradley declares over the past five years “we’ve not had a government in Canberra that’s been truly respectful of business, interested in business and supportive of business generally”.

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21 thoughts on “Fairfax journo hits out: fear and favour in AFR takeover

  1. Michael

    And that Paddy me boy, is precisely why you are no longer with AFR or Fairfax and one of the main reasons why life is starting to breath thru all the Fairfax mastheads. It has taken a near death experience at the hands of incompetent zealot ex-journalists like you for Fairfax to finally purge itself of it’s poison pills. I have actually subscribed to AFR, as have many others recently, it is “heaven forbid” an interesting, informative & balanced newspaper … again!

  2. Ellen Park

    Clegg and Stutch have done wonders with their innovations. Paddy should get with the program.

  3. Andrew Crook

    @Michael the author is a Fairfax journalist.

  4. shepherdmarilyn

    Ellen, Stutch is the Australian journo who claimed way back in the beginning that the BER was $7 billion over budget before one building was allocated.

    It came in $1.5 billion under budget over all.

  5. Mark from Melbourne

    I’ve stopped reading AFR (and I get it for free!) because of the very thing that is described in this article. “Press Release a day early” sums it up pretty well. Now this isn’t the fault of the current management team as it’s been happening for several years but if they actually want to reverse the downward trend in circulation they should take note as just cutting costs isn’t going to fix Fairfax.

    Michael sounds like one of FFX’s PR team!

  6. Will

    @ Michael

    Lol Michael decides to subscribe to a sinking ship of business boosterism at the absolute nadir of its credibility under Stutchbury, and he tells us everything is rosy and great. Just ignore the total decline in standards, the trashing of the masthead and its irrelevance – lots of my mates are subscribing I promise! We’re the right kind of people to save it! We’ve always been at war with eastasia. Good luck with that one!

  7. Ellen Park

    @shepherdmarilyn: just kidding. The AFR has become an hilarious facsimile of the Oz, but with lots more cheesy pictures of James Packer. But I do think Paddy needs to get out more and maybe talk to a few business people.

  8. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Do the companies write the rubbish and the Aged Herald prints it?

  9. Hermo

    Fairfax just can’t help stepping on their proverbial, and this is just another example of the ongoing war they seem to have had with their readership.

    Just to keep the ineptitude rolling I’m sure that within a week of Guardian AU launching, Fairfax will put up its paywall. Genius.

  10. Coaltopia

    Well done Paddy – journalists with balls.

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