We get to the Institute of Public Affairs' 70th birthday bash early -- before the protesters outside have really got themselves sorted. There are some scraggly looking youngsters with banners suggesting we should put Murdoch on trial rather than Assange. One man, clad in a red cape and Murdoch mask adorned with devil horns, is heckling people as they enter the National Gallery of Victoria. "Don't worry sir," he tells a besuited bloke, "we'll make sure your phone is hacked for you."

It all seems pretty tame, but the temperature rises when Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle's car shows up. Unimpressed by Doyle's decision to come out in support of gay marriage only days ago, the anti-capitalist crowd blocks his car door, jumps on his bonnet and deflates his tyres. Around 20 police officers charge in and ring fence the car so Doyle can escape.