Apr 4, 2013

Murdoch, Abbott, Rinehart, Bolt: Tory-fest in Melbourne tonight

The leading lights of Australia's Right-leaning power clique are converging on Melbourne for a gala dinner tonight: from Rupert Murdoch to Andrew Bolt and, of course, Tony Abbott. Read about the big do here.

Interested in morning tea with former PM John Howard, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, conservative shock jock Alan Jones and Oz columnist Janet Albrechtsen? Then you’re in luck! The IPA is holding a gala dinner in Melbourne tonight with Rupert Murdoch as keynote speaker, and the morning tea is up for auction.


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15 thoughts on “Murdoch, Abbott, Rinehart, Bolt: Tory-fest in Melbourne tonight

  1. John

    “Interesting to see Tony Abbott will be hobnobbing with Murdoch at the dinner”

    Rupert is too good a business man not to keep a close eye on his investments.

  2. Mike Flanagan

    It is intriguing to observe Murdoch’s current gracing of Australia’s shores. It is about as far as his shareholder funded personal jet will take him from the object of Kim Jong Il’s suspected pedal powered ICBMs.
    If one recalls correctly, during James UK travails he spent considerable time in his relinquished and rejected birth place on the opposite side of the planet.

  3. john2066

    Tony’ll be getting his riding instructions from Rupert. I guess one of the main ones is stopping the NBN – Rupert runs a pay TV network and the NBN is outrageous competition.

    Its interesting how many of the prominent conservative business leaders – Gina, Rupert, rely on monopolies for their wealth and fight like hell to stop free markets. And of course the IPA backs them all the way.

  4. danny field

    They would have to pay me to attend that do. I’d rather set my head on fire.

    OK so we know what the booby prize is, morning tea with that lot but what is does the winner get?.

    And so the dark hand of Hugh Morgan is still around..scary. Very scary.

  5. Carbon Footprint

    Somehow I ssupect Ted Ballieu’s invite might have got lost in the mail. If the Liberal Party want to follow the Fox News crew and the US Republican path- more fool them.

  6. podrick

    “a behind the scenes experience with Andrew Bolt” – No Thanks!!!

  7. Harry1951

    Yes Abbott will be getting his policies from Rupert. I think after a dinner with Bolt, Jones, Murdoch and Abbott I would feel so dirty that only a long hot shower would make me feel clean again.

  8. Liamj

    Don’t regret missing out Crikey, given the locale and the growing infamy of IPA & News Corp theres a high probability of waiters revenge in the soup.

  9. Suzanne Blake

    Did you see that had to drop the price of the Labor Gillard fundraiser next week from $1600 a head to $495 a head, to try and fill tables…. bet its $99 the day before!!

  10. tonyfunnywalker

    They will be discussing the Guardian lead about the Tax dodgers in the Caymen Islands. I am on the list? – not me personally but 200 Gig of emails – 100 times more than Wikileaks will produce some very worried people especially as it also includes other tax havens closer to home such as the Cook Islands.

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