Yesterday News Limited chairman Rupert Murdoch, who is visiting Australia, took aim at Labor for being racist while portraying himself as a champion of immigration. "I think the way they're talking about the 457 [visas] is disgraceful and racist. I'm a big one for encouraging immigration, I think that's the future," Murdoch told Sky News from Darwin in relation to the Gillard government's criticism of 457 visas. We thought we'd trawl the archives for stories from Murdoch's News Ltd publications over the last three years, relating to immigration and race issues. Judge for yourself whether Murdoch's anti-racism crusade rings true ... In May 2012, The Daily Telegraph ran this piece:

The Daily Telegraph, 22 May 2012

The poll beside the article said 67% of readers thought immigration should be completely banned. The paper followed up in October 2012 with a piece describing the diseases that asylum seekers carry:

The Daily Telegraph, 12 October 2012