Give Abbott the Mair treatment

Denise Marcos writes: Re. “Media briefs: Crete/Cyprus … Boris goes down … they’re for Cairns …” (Monday).Having watched Eddie Mair’s interview with a blustering Boris Johnson one can fantasise about the result if Mair and Tony Abbott had been in the same studio. Since August 22 last year the Opposition Leader has avoided another session with ABC’s Leigh Sales for fear she may ask a pertinent question requiring a forthright answer. Australian voters would be much obliged to a journalist with Mair’s incisiveness before the nation massively self-harms (Queensland style) at the next federal election. Apart from the ABC, where’s the local talent to match Mair?

Cyprus bailout far from elegant

Niall Clugston writes: Re. “Rundle: Cyprus bank crisis an elegant tax haven punishment” (yesterday) So Guy Rundle thinks the Cyprus banking deal is “elegant”? Apparently it because it is a “double whammy” against two scapegoats: tax havens and Russians. It’s funny how every domino that falls in the GFC is portrayed as a special case determined by local failings, rather than the inevitable part of a sequence that it is. And even if the EU denies it is a model, the seizing of bank deposits in Cyprus will be seen as a precedent, leading to bank runs across Europe at the first hint of trouble. If that is elegance, I’d hate to see chaos.

Dream team

Don Meharry writes: Re. “Tips and rumours” (yesterday). My nominations for promotion would include Kelvin Thompson. I am a huge fan. I wish more people would listen to him. And Doug Cameron. I am a fan (I would love to have someone with a thick Glaswegian accent represent Australia in international forums!).