Hard to blame Crean

James Burke writes: Re. “Keane: Crean’s coup flops as Rudd fades away” (yesterday). Vale Simon Crean. His self-immolation comes at an appropriate time, as we mark the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Labor under Crean opposed that invasion, to the eternal credit of party and leader alike. God only knows what would have happened if Beazley, Rudd or Gillard had been in that position.  His final gesture was doubtless an expression of frustration boiling over, and in that sense it’s hard to blame him, though he could have tried harder not to spoil the moment for the victims of forced adoption. (Tony Abbott, fresh from his bizarre and potentially career-destroying attempt to commemorate deadbeat dads and rapists, is surely offering thanks to Crean, in the intervals between vomiting from nervous hysteria.)

Simon Crean should now embrace backbench life. Especially at his age, it offers glorious prospects for truth-telling, unfettered by the deranged logic of the Labor spin machine. I just hope he directs most of his venom towards the Liberal and National parties, which have been getting off scot-free for way too long.


Lourdes Turner writes: Re. “Tips and rumours” (yesterday). I am Catholic (though lapsed) — I do not see the need for a taxpayer-funded Ambassador to the Vatican, as Australia is a multi-faith country. What benefit does Australia get  from being represented in a city-state that has no socioeconomic or strategic political importance to us? Let the Australian Catholic cardinal represent the Catholic populace in Australia as de facto ambassador.

Finally, a laugh

Nicky Hungerford writes: Thank you, First Dog on the Moon. The only thing that makes me laugh in these days of total madness …