Last night was a bog-standard night while My Kitchen Rules (2.57 million national/1.75 million metro/817,000 regional) is in Seven’s schedule and The Block All Stars (2.18 million national/1.52 million metro/659,000 regional) is on Nine. Seven won easily because Packed to The Rafters followed MKR and won the next hour from 8.45pm . It averaged 2.18 million national/ 1.35 million metro/ 767,000 regional. More than 4 million people watched Seven and Nine last night from around 7.30 to 8pm, when both programs were on air. Let’s see the internet assemble that size audience, with all the demographics known the next morning.

Ten showed a flicker of life and ended third in metro markets and in the regions. Ten’s The Biggest Loser grunted and groaned across the screen last night. It did poorly with just 683,000 national/499,000 metro/ 184,000 regional. Remember on its first night it had just over a million national and 800,000 metro viewers, so its audience loss is approaching 50% from night one.

But the real interest is in tonight and the finale of The Block All Stars for two hours from 7pm on Nine. It will be up against a normal episode of MKR (which breaks for an extended Easter egg hunt from tonight) and the new ABC1 program Tractor Monkeys (which looks like a cross between Randling and The Project, with a dose of Spics and Specs and the crew from Talking’ ‘Bout Your Generation). Nine will be looking for a big national audience of more than 3 million for the finale of the All Stars version of The Block (an ordinary version is back later in the year).

The finale of the 2012 version of The Block (the standard model) averaged 3.359 million nationally, 2.361 million in metro markets and 998,000 in regional markets (the winner announcement averaged 4.2 million nationally/2.97 million metro and over 1.1.2 million in regional areas for the few minutes).  But the presence of MKR on Seven will make it tougher for Nine to match the 2012 results. MKR is due to end at 8.45pm, which will allow viewers to switch to Nine for the winner announcement. Don’t be surprised if MKR runs late.

Network share:

  1. Seven (35.1%)
  2. Nine (26.7%)
  3. Ten (16.8%)
  4. ABC (16.4?%)
  5. SBS (4.9%)

Main channels:

  1. Seven (29.5%)
  2. Nine (21.1%)
  3. Ten (12.7%)
  4. ABC1 (12.1%)
  5. SBS 1 (3.8%)

Top five digital channels:

  1. GO (3.6%)
  2. 7TWO (3.2%)
  3. ABC2 (2.9%)
  4. 7mate (2.4%)
  5. Eleven (2.2%)

Top 10 national programs:

  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) – 2.572 million
  2. The Block All Stars  (Nine) – 2.186 million
  3. Packed To The Rafters (Seven) — 2.119 million
  4. Nine News– 1.691 million
  5. Seven News1.690 million
  6. ABC1 News1.398 million
  7. Home and Away (Seven) 1.392 million
  8. Today Tonight (Seven) — 1.254 million
  9. The Big Bang Theory repeat (Nine) — 1.244 million
  10. A Current Affair (Nine) — 1.190 million.

Top metro programs:

  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) — 1.755 million
  2. The Block All Stars (Nine) — 1.526 million
  3. Packed To the Rafters (Seven) — 1.352 million
  4. Ninem News — 1.152 million
  5. Seven News — 1.151 million

Metro/regionals: Seven had a clean sweep in all five metro markets and regionally through Prime/7Qld. Nine was second in metro and regional markets (through WIN/NBN). Ten was a solid third in most markets. Seven leads the week, but Nine has high hopes tonight of changing that.

Losers: No one really, even Ten showed a bit of life, but was still squeezed by MKR and The Block All Stars. Pay TV was also squeezed with its audience was down sharply on last year and last week as viewers stayed with free to air to watch Seven and Nine especially.News and current affairs:

  1. Nine News  – 1.152 million
  2. Seven News  – 1.151 million
  3. Today Tonight (Seven) – 1.004 million
  4. A Current Affair  (Nine) – 996,000
  5. ABC1 News 953,000
  6. 7.30 (ABC1) — 686,000
  7. Ten News609,000
  8. Foreign Correspondent (ABC1) — 579,000
  9. The Project (Ten) — 449,000
  10. Ten Late News 237,000

Morning TV:

  1. Today (Nine) – 325,000
  2. Sunrise (Seven) – 324,000
  3. News Breakfast (ABC1) – 53,000 + 27,000 on News 24

Top five pay TV channels:

  1. Fox 8 – 2.4%
  2. LifeStyle, TV1 — 2.1%
  3. Sky News  – 1.8%
  4. UKTV – 1.7%.
  5. Disney Jr. – 1.5%

Top five pay TV programs:

  1. The Walking Dead (FX) – 125,000
  2. The Simpsons (Fox 8) – 76,000
  3. Family Guy (Fox 8) — 68,000
  4. America’s Next Top Model (Fox 8) – 62,000
  5. AFL 360 (Fox Footy) – 53,000

Tonight: The Block All Stars ends on Nine, MKR goes on a holiday for Easter, Ten has Mr and Mrs Murder, ABC1 has Mad as Hell and then Tractor Monkeys.

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