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Mar 19, 2013

Crikey says: memo to journos, don't quote yourself

Mixing with the media moguls at the Senate hearing -- we miss Kerry Packer. Why the Brits are nailing media reform. Crikey seeks a date with Rupert. Enough media? We bring you the latest on rate cuts, carbon hero (and villain?) Michael Fraser and the corporatisation of universities.

The Sydney Morning Herald caught the eye this morning with Peter Hartcher’s bold “exclusive” front-page splash that Foreign Minister Bob Carr had “turned on” Prime Minister Julia Gillard. After Carr flatly denied the report this morning, The SMH updated its story:

And The SMH has it on very, very good authority Labor figures were “astonished” to hear Carr back Julia Gillard. Why, the paper quotes its own reporter, Peter Hartcher, to provide the evidence — what more could you want?

What a curious little circle, where all roads lead to Hartcher.

Hartcher is a fine journo and he may be right on this one. But has leadership speculation really devolved to the stage of journalists quoting themselves (and precious little else)? It’s worth noting the ALP party room did not move against Gillard today. Perhaps we’ll give the last word to Carr; he described today’s SMH story as “speculation feeding on itself“.

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7 thoughts on “Crikey says: memo to journos, don’t quote yourself

  1. john willoughby

    was a fine journo……

  2. klewso

    Again those parts of the media whose existence, as they see it, is more important than the news?
    Having to justify their existence will go to any ends to validate their prognostications strained through their own personal prejudices.
    “Like a dog chasing it’s tale”?

  3. michael in melbourne

    Is the media’s job to report the news, or to be a player in making the news? It seems to me that the balance, in Australia, has tipped too far towards playing. Time for the media to grow up and try reporting for a while.

  4. klewso

    As Tony Windsor put it so well last night (Lateline) the media “inventing it (news)”.

  5. pertina1

    Peter Hartcher a fine journalist? Wow, you are setting the bar rather low! He’s just another lazy hack indulging in puerile leadership speculation instead of addressing issues of real substance.
    Fairfax seems intent on matching it’s new tabloid format with tabloid journalism.

  6. Iskandar

    In the world of Penny Dreadful mining stocks the process is known as “feeding on each others sh*t”. At least in mining there are still blue chip stocks, whilst in corporate media, the low end has has swamped all else. But then, that is Rupert Murdoch’s business model, isn’t it?

  7. Salamander

    Hartcher a “fine journalist”? Maybe in 2005. He went native, dumped any principles he ever had and joined the feeding frenzy long ago.