Diversity and fairness in journalism forever out of reach

Dylan Taylor writes: Re. “Media reform: how the House crossbenchers will vote ” (Friday). You know as well as I do, that no laws will ever be passed while 75% of the news media in Australia is controlled  by one person (Rupert Murdoch) and the next most influential bloc is almost controlled by the  richest  lady in the country — who flatly refuses to allow editorial independence. So what hope for concepts like “diversity of voices, fairness, balance,” and all those other noble notions that we all like to talk about? Like heaven, these concepts will remain forever out of our reach. Just get used to it.

Where is the church’s gender equality?

Dr Elizabeth Tindle writes: Re. “Pope Francis: an authentic moral leader for our times?” (Thursday). Human rights includes “equality of opportunity”. Get rid of the discriminatory practices of saving the top job for the boys and not even allowing the girls to vote. Then he has the audacity to take control of girls’ bodies. Gender equity, please. Or females of the world unite and withdraw support/labour.

Parade’s End too good a jewel for GEM

Elizabeth Greenwood writes: Re. “Craven: Nine rains on a Parade of quality drama” (Friday). Thank goodness somebody out there sees Parade’s End for what a great program  it really is! I totally agree with Peter Craven’s review in Crikey — Channel Nine should be severely chastised for shifting such a great program to GEM. I saw the first airing last week on Channel Nine, set my recorder for this week and … little did I realise I was recording Sherlock!  Fortunately I also was trying to record Rebus so I did get to see Parade’s End‘s episode for this week after all.  It is so much better than Downton Abbey — the ABC should also have snapped it up for a Sunday evening. For goodness sake, Channel Nine — what a programming blunder!