Mar 15, 2013

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32 thoughts on “Say hi to Pope Frank, the people’s Pope

  1. zut alors

    ‘Infallibubbles’ – you should be sainted for that one, Mr Dog.

    Some days you transcend mere Walkley Awards.

  2. drmick

    If he starts the inqusition, I am dobbing Murdoch in for a start, and then Frank & the Boys from Argentina can start burning anyone they bloody like.

  3. ernmalleyscat

    As a cat, I’d love to kiss the Pope’s ring, but there’s quite a queue at the moment so I’ll just do my own. Excuse me.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    I love the 24 hour laundromat, not to mention the infallibubbles. Good one, Mr D.

  5. drovers cat

    LOL EMC you just reminded me of a mate who directed his version of The Three Musketeers; he had three of Richelieu’s guards doing a rap number called ‘You can kiss my ring’
    Of course as a fellow feline, I too enjoy this dexterous advantage

  6. Holden Back

    @EMC & DC “Oh what a birthday surprise, Judy’s wearing his ring” always breaks me up.

  7. Ryan Moore

    Classic, Dog, absolutely brilliant! Infallibubbles. Thou shalt chilleth out. The Myki ticket inspectors. Stop! Stop! It’s too much. You should do this thing for a living…

  8. Karen Hewitt

    pope Frank is not the Messiah, you know, he’s just a very very naughty boy.

    I know that’s not funny, but what is funny is that dog in the bottom left frame. He looks completely out of it! bent, wasted, off his trolley bwahahaha.

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