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Mar 14, 2013



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13 thoughts on “Hey kids, it’s Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin!

  1. Sandshoe

    A dinkum blinkin’ bucket is a keeper.

  2. GF50

    First dog you are the best! and stir the creative/humour juices of all commenters. (my daily dose of sanity, laughter the best medicine)
    I salute you all:) 🙂

  3. ernmalleyscat

    Brenda’s preety damn efficient. No sooner does she lend a flipper and Metgasco have pulled out of exploration in far north coast NSW and south east Queensland. The thirty protesters camped there for 2 months probably had some effect too.

  4. Plonkoclock

    drmick… an’ if the wind thingies have four blades, you get to hear The Who in your head!

  5. klewso

    And don’t be fooled, that gas only seams to be in coal – it’s not even black.

  6. klewso

    “CFA”? “Can’t Fracking Agree”?

  7. drmick

    The fairy at the bottom of the garden and Brenda can swap jokes about gas and broken water works all day; the real story is the potential for those wind thingies to cause turbophrenia; that is the hysterical response, over acting and unmeasurable debilitation that arises at the amount of money big oil and coal give you when you sign up to contract turbophrenia.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    BRENDA the DCP: OK honey, just because you swam here from Antarctica, doesn’t make you any different from all the dole bludgers and queue jumpers arriving by boat. Actually you’ve got some nerve, coming here then criticising us for our wanton waste of the environment. Go back to where you come from; and take your tea towel with you.

  9. Holden Back

    @paddy I hadn’t though of a bucket bong in years! It must have been good.

    Oh Brenda a shining light of old-school civil disobedience, always so nicely dressed, if a bit on the Marlene Dietrich side.

  10. Plonkoclock

    fauxnjuries.. sounds very much like fauxnsex..

  11. paddy

    Brenda and Alan sharing that bucket bong….A million shades of GOLD FD.

  12. zut alors

    Fracking? No worries. Once we’ve frucked a water table we’ll simply order a new one online. It’s our 21st century disposable mentality.

  13. Mike Jones

    Clean water, yeah. Penguins are so self-interested.

    What, have they no appreciation of jobs, jobs, jobs ? And super profits, super profits, super profits ?

    What kind of bird can’t fly anyway ? One that tokes with AJ and goes on trips with Trans Ganja Airways, that’s what kind.


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