Mar 13, 2013

The banality of banality

In Holt Street's Fields of Bones Meeting Room, News Ltd boss Kim "Idi Amin" Williams kicks off the conference to discuss proposed changes to media regulation.

First Dog On The Moon

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53 thoughts on “The banality of banality

  1. klewso

    Don’t get me wrong, there are aspects to Limited News that I find amusing – for example there’s the way they use their virtual monopoly position of our hard-copy “views”, to excoriate certain taboos and pave the way for others to go beyond normal acceptable social mores, in the way we treat others with no respect :- “Ditch the Bitch”?

    [Chairman Kim & Reid – doing their “Morecomb & Wise” tag-team routine on ABC last night – “don’t hate Conroy or this government” – it’s just the way they choose to “talk” about and portray them ….. as figures so worthy of scorn and for ridicule? “Not fit to govern”?]

  2. Mike Jones

    klewso, drop by the Pig’s Arms and hear the latest post – with a clip from Australian Pussy Riot educating Tony on the M word and the S word – with liberal use of the F-word. Replete with the lovely “Bob Browns (sic)b1tch” sign and two female Liberal luminaries. Cheers, Emm.

  3. Liamj

    Bolt & Ackerman do hysterics so well and so often, they should try out for Australian Idol.

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