Mar 13, 2013

The banality of banality

In Holt Street's Fields of Bones Meeting Room, News Ltd boss Kim "Idi Amin" Williams kicks off the conference to discuss proposed changes to media regulation.

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist

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53 thoughts on “The banality of banality

  1. Mike Jones

    The ABC actually showed a pick of the Tele’s front page on TV. So THATS what actual print media looks like these days ! Cripes, I thought Firsty was making sh1t up, but his furriness was visually paraphrasing ! Cripes again ! What a sheltered workshop life some of us lead, he admitted.

  2. littlemaths

    AR – Depends how you think about it: Goring was a cowardly, overinflated idiot, in charge of utilising technology he had little apparent understanding of, and proved himself on multiple occasions to be capable of deluding himself and many others despite the clarity of facts in front of him. And he founded the Getapo. Seems apt to me.

  3. klewso

    Chairman Kim is on Lateline tonight – seems he’s using this issue to try to whip Conroy and Labor?
    I wonder how it’s going to work.

  4. klewso

    ….. and he’s brought along his own jigsaw puzzle of “The Big Picture”, as usual with selected pieces missing?

  5. Rais

    A bit like when Chavez compared George W Bush to the devil. An American commentator responded that this comparison was harsh and unfair. He said, “The devil’s bad, but not THAT bad.”

  6. drmick

    Is it just me or are the new pope and Kim Williams related?
    On one hand we have Frakenpope who thinks he is god & is very resistant to change, and on the other hand, we have Pope Frank who is gods rhm & is also resistive to change.
    Those Harry Potter glasses must be the new black for anti-christs and kiddie fanciers.

  7. schaffer bill

    Invasion by a gaggle of superannuated smiling dictators with uncanny empty eyes is a small price to pay to see the world’s most thoughtful marsupials finally released from the monstrous cage that is the Crikey paywall. They had me at hello 🙂

  8. Steve777

    The Daily Telegraph must hold its readers in contempt. It apparently regards them as imbeciles who need to be told what to think.

  9. Paul C

    I’m 100% certain that Campbell Reid will see this as “robust” and “provocative”, and will defend your free speech with vigour, Mr Onthemoon.

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