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Mar 13, 2013

The banality of banality

In Holt Street's Fields of Bones Meeting Room, News Ltd boss Kim "Idi Amin" Williams kicks off the conference to discuss proposed changes to media regulation.



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53 thoughts on “The banality of banality

  1. Holden Back

    I love you FDOTM, and plumbing difficulties aside, I want to have your babies.

  2. paddy

    And they said you could only draw animals.
    Magnificent work today FD.

  3. deccles

    No Paddy he still draws animals 🙂 Going straight to the pool room Mr OnTheMoon

  4. Danny Lewis

    Straight to the pool room.

  5. Kahomabu

    Ah, good to see Young Mr Grace. Lovely Dog, just lovely.

  6. Mike Jones

    Wot ? No Kim Jong Il, I suspect difficulties getting clearance from Team America….. I’m so ronery…. Rumsfeld, Chaney, Corey Bernardi, Mussolini… line em up again like Sgt Pepper, Firsty.

  7. zut alors

    You’ve landed a mighty hit to the funny bone today, Mr Dog.

    I’m unconvinced the front page of the Tele was a masterstroke… but it was some sort of stroke.

  8. mikehilliard

    Thank you FD, thank you. Piers as Pol Pot is just perfect. I only hope Insiders puts this up on talking pictures when Piers is in the righties armchair (as apposed to the lefties lounge).

  9. PhilB

    I like that in a field of villains, Murdoch plays himself….very subtle.

  10. Gareth

    “I’m Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire tyrant.”

  11. pritu

    Thank you FD. You are the main reason why I subscribe to Crikey.

  12. Holden Back

    @ PhilB and, an “Are You Being Served?” reference.

  13. drmick

    Yesssssssssssssss FD. He shoots, he scores. Without doubt, the best yet; and you didn’t even mention the war…………sorry.

  14. Saugoof

    That strip actually made me look up the Telegraph front page today. Holy @#$! Well I guess that provides a good argument why the sort of proposed regulation is needed.

  15. Andybob

    Havent yet seen the Tele front page. Sounds like I’ve got a treat in store. Ripper cartoon FD.

  16. Andybob

    Aha, now I’ve seen it and the light dawns. Funny thing is, the cartoon still made perfect sense before I’d seen Conroy as Stalin. Nice to see Myra Hindley out and about again.

  17. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    I had to google Hindley, but that’s just because I’m one of those darned young people *SHAKES FIST*

    A perfectly measured approach I think, well in tune with the zeitgeist offered by the Daily Terrorgraph (now only 97.365% read for sport!)

  18. Venise Alstergren

    FIRST DOG: Love Herman Göring Bolt.

    And you’ve hit on an essential truth about dictatorship. The majority of the people responsible for the Holocaust- stripped of their power- were the most ordinary, pedestrian and banal little men on the planet.

  19. Sandshoe

    I am off to look at the front page of the Tele regardless I glimpsed it earlier n telly. I imagined it was a paste-up for the show. If this is dinkum I so look forward to April 1 nation wide. Time to plan, people.

  20. Sandshoe

    Firsty’s is a superior paste-up some distance.

  21. fractious

    Gosh hasn’t Mr Bolt put on weight. But that uniform, it’s so… him.

    @ Mike J, I think you’ll find Kim Jong Henderson works at Fairfax, so wouldn’t be in this line-up.

  22. klewso

    So where was The Minister for Limited News – Malcolm T-ball?

  23. First Dog On The Moon

    UPDATE: Andrew Bolt has commented on the Rinehart/Fairfax issue by saying “I like Rinehart and do not understand the legal argument here…”

    He then went on to say some other things that were omitted during the subediting process.

  24. klewso

    Another of those most humble days in the life?

    [“….I read their views today oh, boy
    The Murdoch army had just won the war;
    His crowd of people turned up to bray
    But I just had to look
    Having read the book
    I’d love to turn you on….”]

  25. littlemaths

    I’ve always thought of Williams as more a Kaiser Wilhelm II type figure, but perhaps that’s just me.

  26. drovers cat

    Dog take a bow – wow this is up there in the stratospheric pantheon of cartoon greats.
    Walkley 2 – The Riposte

  27. klewso

    I’ve always thought of Williams as a Charlie McCarthy, with a Tosca …..?

  28. Holden Back

    Actually, he’s more of an Esther Williams – he holds his breath like nobody’s business.

    And, if you haven’t seen him in a water ballet, you haven’t lived.

  29. drmick

    He looks more like a horse steroid affected Harry Potter with those glasses. This could be the sunburnt version?

  30. Holden Back

    drmick: He’s very careful with sun-protection.

  31. shepherdmarilyn

    And the irony of our media being broke and not trusted by anyone much is lost in the rantings of the Murdoch ragsters.

  32. GF50

    First dog, I want to be your bestie! Just one thing I would have swooned if you had included the jack boots sooo sexy! really makes the uniform pop!

  33. PDGFD1

    Lick Spittles!
    One complaint – had to actually see the Telegraph. Erk, still gagging!

  34. zut alors

    The front page of The Tele is the quintessential example of shooting oneself in the foot. It would almost be worth buying today’s edition to frame. But best not.

  35. AR

    I think that you meant Goebbels, not Goering – all he did was run the Luftwaffe – whereas Goebbels was the wannabe journo & creator/editor of Beobachter, the virulent nazi rag.
    VA – to misquote Hannah Arendt, “the evil of banality” – Mudorc’s minions would be lucky to be street sweepers in the real world.

  36. klewso

    “Shooting yourself in the foot” – or a “Murdochasm”?

  37. ernmalleyscat

    Can’t be long now before Old Rupe is brought to The Hague on a tumbrel to have the rat cage clamped to his face.

    It is you have done very well FD.

  38. Venise Alstergren

    Yaiz, I had a look at the Daily Tele and heard part of the speech made by the CEO of News Corp (Oz) at an Australia/Israel confab. He put up a magnificent display of mock outrage. So much so that he ran the risk of exposing the hoi polloi to a solid round of laughter. His audience merely kept silent. Gutless bästards.

    As usual Will Shakespeare had it right about evil succeeding and good being drowned.

  39. Mike Jones

    The ABC actually showed a pick of the Tele’s front page on TV. So THATS what actual print media looks like these days ! Cripes, I thought Firsty was making sh1t up, but his furriness was visually paraphrasing ! Cripes again ! What a sheltered workshop life some of us lead, he admitted.

  40. littlemaths

    AR – Depends how you think about it: Goring was a cowardly, overinflated idiot, in charge of utilising technology he had little apparent understanding of, and proved himself on multiple occasions to be capable of deluding himself and many others despite the clarity of facts in front of him. And he founded the Getapo. Seems apt to me.

  41. klewso

    Chairman Kim is on Lateline tonight – seems he’s using this issue to try to whip Conroy and Labor?
    I wonder how it’s going to work.

  42. klewso

    ….. and he’s brought along his own jigsaw puzzle of “The Big Picture”, as usual with selected pieces missing?

  43. Rais

    A bit like when Chavez compared George W Bush to the devil. An American commentator responded that this comparison was harsh and unfair. He said, “The devil’s bad, but not THAT bad.”

  44. drmick

    Is it just me or are the new pope and Kim Williams related?
    On one hand we have Frakenpope who thinks he is god & is very resistant to change, and on the other hand, we have Pope Frank who is gods rhm & is also resistive to change.
    Those Harry Potter glasses must be the new black for anti-christs and kiddie fanciers.

  45. schaffer bill

    Invasion by a gaggle of superannuated smiling dictators with uncanny empty eyes is a small price to pay to see the world’s most thoughtful marsupials finally released from the monstrous cage that is the Crikey paywall. They had me at hello 🙂

  46. Steve777

    The Daily Telegraph must hold its readers in contempt. It apparently regards them as imbeciles who need to be told what to think.

  47. Paul C

    I’m 100% certain that Campbell Reid will see this as “robust” and “provocative”, and will defend your free speech with vigour, Mr Onthemoon.

  48. klewso

    Don’t get me wrong, there are aspects to Limited News that I find amusing – for example there’s the way they use their virtual monopoly position of our hard-copy “views”, to excoriate certain taboos and pave the way for others to go beyond normal acceptable social mores, in the way we treat others with no respect :- “Ditch the Bitch”?

    [Chairman Kim & Reid – doing their “Morecomb & Wise” tag-team routine on ABC last night – “don’t hate Conroy or this government” – it’s just the way they choose to “talk” about and portray them ….. as figures so worthy of scorn and for ridicule? “Not fit to govern”?]

  49. Mike Jones

    klewso, drop by the Pig’s Arms and hear the latest post – with a clip from Australian Pussy Riot educating Tony on the M word and the S word – with liberal use of the F-word. Replete with the lovely “Bob Browns (sic)b1tch” sign and two female Liberal luminaries. Cheers, Emm.

  50. Liamj

    Bolt & Ackerman do hysterics so well and so often, they should try out for Australian Idol.

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