Mar 13, 2013

Minimalist media reform that only starts the job

Some expected Stephen Conroy to do nothing on media reform in an election year. He's done something -- but it's not much, and it may not pass Parliament anyway. The government's minimalist approach fails to address convergence.

Margaret Simons

Journalist, author and director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism

Within hours of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s announcement of a minimalist approach to the Finkelstein and Convergence reviews, sections of the news media were sadly proving themselves incapable of fair coverage — with The Daily Telegraph at the pinnacle. We should not be surprised.

We have seen this kind of bollocks at every stage of the long-running debate about media regulation. The irony is both rich and well worn. Large sections of the media are incapable of fairly reporting matters touching their self-interest.

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4 thoughts on “Minimalist media reform that only starts the job

  1. Lech Laskowski

    I was living for 20 of my adult years under communism, both my parents were journalists. I know what it means “public interest” and how the government will control the freedom of press using the so call “independent” institution but appointed by government (Gillard comparison with judges is frivolous – members of this institution not appointed for life, not protected by the Constitution) to control what can be printed. Only naïve (or still existing lovers of left utopia) believe that this will not restrict the right to criticise government of the day. Freedoms of speech mean freedom to publish anything and be only exposed to defamation laws.
    On the other hand Labour is suicidal to advocate laws like this – whole press will be strongly advocating for the change of government as opposition is promising to scrap it.

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    Lech, you are completely hysterical and didn’t read the bloody article at all.

    Get a grip.

  3. klewso

    What puzzles me is, that with so many of us wanting a shake-up of the way our access to information is edited/framed/managed/controlled by the media gate-keepers (anyone who thinks Limited News with their dominance of the medium is fair and even-handed in the way they administer it’s greater circulation – truncating that which it doesn’t like – through their channelling of news through their partisan op-eds, subjecting our news to their subjectivity, should get their eyes and labyrinthitis checked), the way Conroy seems to be handling this issue, as if it’s of no “great import”?
    If this is a stunt – another of his “Fielding” moments – what’s that going to do to the remnant support Labor is clinging to now?

  4. klewso

    … and Lech, you reckon that “press” isn’t doing that now?
    The way it controls the remote – through it’s market share of their “viewsservice” – of what and how we get to see our politics?
    Influencing voter perception (through their prosecution of their PR war) of fitness to govern – before they vote?

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