Mar 13, 2013

National Cultural Policy out at last — and it’s a big win for arts

The federal government's National Cultural Policy, released today, is a big win for the arts generally -- it's got new money and plenty of policy reform. But there are losers.

Ben Eltham — <em>Crikey</em> arts commentator

Ben Eltham

Crikey arts commentator

Perhaps it’s a case of low expectations being exceeded, but Simon Crean’s National Cultural Policy is a surprisingly impressive announcement.


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3 thoughts on “National Cultural Policy out at last — and it’s a big win for arts

  1. Rick Heath

    Actually inspired to hear Simon Crean speak with such authority and passion about the contribution of the arts across a range of sectors and stakeholders. Maybe, just maybe, we’ve moved beyond economic rationalism and we can’t talking about societal benefits as opposed to just economic.

  2. Rick Heath

    sorry, correction to above …and we can start talking about ….

  3. Warren Joffe

    Repeating myself….
    Simon Crean has been a regular at Opera Australia first nights for yonks and so is exempt from any suspicion that he is as philistine as one’s stereotype politician even if freebies have something to do with it. However, he is also a very experienced shrewd politician so it is surprising that a major point has been overlooked. *Buying the influence and votes of people in the Arts is cheap compared with any alternative way to the hearts and minds of opinion leaders*.

    Jim Kennan saw the point in the late 80s in Victoria when the state ALP government had handled the economy so badly that it couldn’t afford to buy the love of teachers, let alone public servants as a whole. The Arts communities had to be the target for purchased affection and praise.

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