Mar 13, 2013

Media wrap: papers unite against press reforms

After a "messy delay" a "dog's breakfast" that "fails the public interest test". And that's just one newspaper. Crikey wraps coverage of the federal government's media regulation reforms.

News Limited and Fairfax rallied their troops against Stephen Conroy’s media regulation reforms announced yesterday. Here’s a selection of the opinion …


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16 thoughts on “Media wrap: papers unite against press reforms

  1. drmick

    Conroy must be spot on if you are all squealing like the proverbials.
    What the “press” fail to realise, (and this is proven by the continual decline in sales, relevance and quality etc.), is that they have no idea what is in the “public” interest. Further, the “public” have run away in droves from whatever the “press” has replaced accurate quality journalism with. In their star chambers, the “editors” think the public are the problem.
    When an international “news” organisation is ordered to provide a manufactured negative daily report on any individual, it is sad and reflects more on the “news” organisation, its owner and employees, that on the individual being crucified. When the same organisation pays pro$titute$ to say whatever they tell them to say, the difference between their “journalists” and the pros diminishes, along with their credibility.
    “Ignore us at your own peril” they seem to be echoing, & just like the grotesque squawking bitter old white goblin that provided that “threat”,less and less people care.

  2. Holden Back

    The classic ‘outraged’ rhetorical movement is seen in the Advertiser’s editorial: attribute your own motivation to your opponent.

  3. Mark

    I love the list of dictatorships that “censor” their press. The free press is doing a great job censoring itself outside of the public interest.

  4. Diana Taylor

    If the vested interests are venting such fury, it must be good legislation.

  5. Holden Back

    ‘your’ media – oh please, Mr Williams.

  6. drmick

    Two owners and how many papers? Move along; nothing to see here.

  7. klewso

    Dr, one of them doesn’t even like living here.

  8. klewso

    Up here in Q, our one viewspaper (The Curry or Maul – with it’s editorial control of what we get to see and read – ie their views) trotted out “ex-spirts” to validate their case, such “loominaries” as “Cap’n” Flint, Murdoch employee Kim “O’Saaby” Williams, ex-Murdoch employee Hamish McLelland (picked ripe to take over “Charnel 10”), “Seven West Media(?)”, and Abbott’s “Minister for Limited News – M. T-ball” : to one against …. that being their hand-picked “Slipper the Tongue” (obviously shopped for affect, “If this rat thinks it’s a good idea ….!”?)

  9. drmick

    Klewso that sounds like the roll call for the current version of a “balanced” ABC program panel of ex perts.

  10. Robert Brown

    “All politicians are self-interested…”
    Oh sweet irony!

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