Bianca Hall, The Canberra Times, June 28:

“Media owners will be forced to submit to a public interest test, under a plan to be presented to cabinet within weeks.”

Gemma Daley, The Australian Financial Review, June 29:

“Federal cabinet will approve the public interest test in the next six weeks, and Labor MPs have been told to sell the idea in their electorates during the six-week parliamentary break that begins today.”

Claire Stewart and Katie Walsh, The Australian Financial Review, July 27:

“Two recent government ordered inquiries, the Finkelstein and Convergance inquiries, made recommendations Cabinet will consider in coming weeks.”

Mark Day, The Australian, September 24:

“Cabinet is yet to sign off on the proposals flowing from the Convergence Review and is unlikely to do so for another week or so.”

Troy Bramston, The Australian, October 8:

“A submission is likely to be finalised within weeks or months before a cabinet debate and decision by the end of the year.”

David Crowe, The Australian, November 24:

“Labor is racing to get its media reforms into legislation with Communications Minister Stephen Conroy taking his plans to cabinet on Monday in the hope of securing new control of the press.”

David Crowe, The Australian, November 26:

Cabinet meets today to decide on plans from Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to force publishers to submit for the first time to federal government oversight of the councils that adjudicate on print media complaints and corrections.”

Gemma Daley and James Chessell, The Australian Financial Review, February 25:

“It is understood cabinet will review the much-delayed package of media reforms as soon as Monday.”

It won’t surprise you to learn that today the Labor party room has signed off on long-awaited media reforms and an announcement will be made this afternoon.

No, for real this time.

Stephen Conroy has called a press conference and Bernard Keane will be there. Stay tuned. We’ve waited a long time for this …