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Mar 12, 2013




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25 thoughts on “Cricket pun goes here

  1. Sandshoe

    Uplifting scenes they were behind the scenes of our men sloshing around in the change room in beer after a cricket match and lovely to know Warney thinks his former Captain has the hairiest arms he had ever seen. Now he’ll say (I reckon) he said never seen and bag me. Reminds me why can’t I have a baggy green cap that smells bad (implied) after a hundred plus games of cricket. I speak on Australian Story.

    Excellent drawing of Shane Watson, Firsty. not surprised you knew of his contributions to our cultural claptrap.

  2. Holden Back

    “Stand up straight, take your hands out of your pockets, and stop jangling your change. And grow a moustache for g*d’s sake!”

  3. Plonkoclock

    First Slip on the Moon, just in case you missed it. Is being ‘very good at sport” lead to arrested development, or is it the other way round?

  4. zut alors

    Or, as he’s now known, Shame Watson.

    Incidentally, who is he…?

  5. paddy

    Never mind all these dogonaughts with their droll wit FD.
    Just revel in the sheer brilliance of your rendering of Twatto.
    Worthy of Rembrandt on one of his good days. Bravo!

  6. ernmalleyscat

    Straight off the bat, let me say you won’t catch me fielding any puns. I won’t slip in any silly points even if they are keepers because I have boundaries. Balls.

  7. drmick

    So by humiliating them, punishing them, & the rest of the team, & the supportive, paying or interested public, the coach has “fixed” a problem?
    How very Australian swimming hierarchy/dawn fraseresque of him.
    Like Blot and Acre-man, he makes a very good south african.

  8. Holden Back

    But EMC, as a feline you had a box seat, and could have gone for a victory lap. Give those balls a good pummelling.

  9. klewso

    Don’t get out – don’t go out.
    And easy on the pull.

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Bollocks, balls and cojones….who is Shane Watson? Obviously he plays sport-who else does an Australian go in to bat for? Is he any good?

  11. klewso

    Any room for silly points abrut hair gel?

    [Maybe you’d probably run quicker and straighter, if you didn’t have a short leg?]

  12. zut alors

    Venise, he’s an Aussie who was over on the sub-continent and was supposed to hand in an essay. But the worst happened ie: the dog ate his homework. This landed him right in it. And now First Dog has done a ‘toon in commemoration.

  13. Holden Back

    @zut ‘my computer crashed’ or ‘my version of PowerPoint isn’t compatible with your laptop’.

  14. Sandshoe

    I’m tipping a blonde (pun).

  15. Holden Back

    Cricket, what even is it?

    I have had eminent composers of my acquaintance try to explain Test cricket as Australia’s answer to Noh Theatre. Or other cultural critics lauding a sporting event at which you can read the newspaper undisturbed as a deep insight into the Australian soul.

    Rhubarb, sez I.

  16. kmo

    Piqué! Me thinks some of the words used might be a little too advanced for Master Watson.

  17. Andrew L

    Can’t bat, can’t bowl, can whinge a bit… LOLZ

  18. ianjohnno

    They should have read yesterday’s FDOM.
    Then, along with modern management-speak, they could have sold the idea of changed bowling tactics to complement the new fielding positions of moot point and silly moot point.

    Now all they have is a moot [perhaps silly] to point the way to the airport to catch the plane-of-shame home.

  19. Mike Jones

    EMC, distinguished service to puns award winging its way to you, pussyman.

    Holden, your “Noh Theatre” line has me in stitches. Six of them.

    And DRMICK, when Australia has to resort to having a bloody kiwi to help us lose magnificently at rugby and a bloody bok to show us the bottom of the cricket standings, I’d say the game’s over. The glorious days of tennis world domination are long gone. Now Aussies are struggling to make it across the pool without a floatie. And I hear that some footballers will be racing in the Randwick Guineas if their Hendra virus swabs come through clear.

    I reckon all this is good, though. We’s essentially fantastic (even inspired) amateurs at nearly everything. When it goes pro, the point of being in the game’s lost. So maybe Australia should give sport the miss and have a shot at something else. Culture perhaps.

  20. Plonkoclock

    Culture? You mean like going to the pictures? We already do that – Disney and Fox do a great job for us there. And there’s always the telly. We have great Australian contributions to televisual excellence like Moi Kitchen Rools..Survivor..

  21. Mike Jones

    Plonk, you’re either telling me it’s too late, or way, way too early (smilie face)

  22. Plonkoclock

    Shane showed us the way – pick up yer bat and ball and go ‘ome. He’s not a cricketer – he’s 5.

  23. Hominoid

    A Butterchicken Pie and sauce. That might tempt him back to India if Arfur and Clarkey want him.

  24. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    Can anyone else hear the Mums of Australia saying to their kids “Shane has to do his homework so…”


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