The Glenn Dyer breakdown: Is this the of the start of Nine’s much heralded (by critics) Parade’s End before it really started? Parade’s End debuted at 8.30pm and bored Australia senseless. On and on it went. No wonder the wife left for the Continent with a bright younger man she soon tired of. Why didn’t the young man shoot her and himself when he had the chance?  Just 453,000 metro and 705,000 national viewers managed to stay with the dirge-like first episode. But even that was too much, and the second episode slumped lower, averaging 322,000 metro and fewer than 500,000 national viewers.  They are appalling Ten-like figures.

Seven can’t smirk either, the second night of its double episodes of Last Resort performed like the US TV flop it is. And in a trifecta, Ten’s Mr and Mrs Murder got crunched by reality last night — the stilted dialogue and acting of the first two episodes finally forced viewers to make a decision; the audience fell to 598,000 in metro markets and 812,000 nationally.

The trio’s performances overshadowed another dominant night for My Kitchen Rules on Seven (more than 1.7 million and over 2.5 million metro an national respectively) and a solid night for The Block All Stars, with almost 1.3 million and over 1.8 million nationally.

Shaun Micallef was an each-way winner last night: while his Mr and Mr and Mrs Murder faded for Ten, his Mad As Hell on ABC1 was again wonderful (especially the caption that described Clive ‘Titanic” Palmer as “Bulkhead”). Mad As Hell averaged 623,000 metro and national viewers.

Tonight: More MKR on Seven and Bones and then more The Block All Stars on Nine. Ten is a viewer-free zone. Nine also has the first NRL game of the year at 8pm, and then the NRL Footy Show (shudder) returns for 2013 at 9.45pm (all in NSW and Queensland). In Melbourne and southern states its the AFL Footy Show back at 8.30pm. SBS has foodie programs, the best will be Food Safari at 7.30pm.

The top 10 national programs (metro and regional combined):

  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) — 2.579 million.
  2. The Block All Stars (Nine) — 1.847 million.
  3. Nine News — 1.720 million.
  4. Seven News — 1.687 million.
  5. ABC1 News — 1.390 million.
  6. Home and Away (Seven) — 1.345 million.
  7. Last Resort (Seven) — 1.215 million.
  8. Today Tonight (Seven) — 1.209 million.
  9. A Current Affair (Nine) — 1.149 million.
  10. QI (ABC1) — 1.049 million.

The metro winners:

  1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven, 7.30pm) — 1.753 million.
  2. The Block All Stars (Nine, 7pm) — 1.294 million.
  3. Nine News (6pm) — 1.202 million.
  4. Seven News (7pm) — 1.131 million.

The losers: Parade’s End on Nine, Last Resort on Seven and Mr and Mrs Murder on Ten. Hot Property on Nine at 8pm — 685,000 metro and 1.003 million nationally — its not hot, it’s tepid. But at least it rated better than Parade’s End. The Good Wife on Ten at 9.30pm. 326,000 in metro markets and 434,000, that’s Parade’s End-like.

Metro news and current affairs: Nine News won Sydney, Melbourne (by 112,000) and Brisbane. A Current Affair won Sydney and Melbourne (by 127,000).

  1. Nine News (6pm) — 1.202 million.
  2. Seven News (7pm) — 1.131 million.
  3. A Current Affair (Nine, 6.30pm) — 964,000.
  4. Today Tonight (Seven, 6.30pm) — 962,000.
  5. ABC1 News (7pm) — 960,000.
  6. 7.30 (ABC1) — 691,000.
  7. Ten News(5pm) — 657,000.
  8. The Project (Ten, 6.30pm) — 404,000.
  9. Lateline (ABC1, 10.30pm) — 201,000.
  10. SBS ONE News (6.30pm) — 167,000.
  11. Ten Late News (10.30pm) — 157,000.
  12. The Business (ABC1, 11,05) — 110,000 + 58,000.
  13. The Drum (News 24, 10pm rpt) — 83,000.
  14. SBS ONE Late News (10.30pm) — 74,000.

In the morning: Close in mornings between Nine and Seven.

  1. Sunrise (Seven, 7am) — 382,000.
  2. Today (Nine, 7am) —  345,000.
  3. The Morning Show (Seven, 9am) —  142,000.
  4. Mornings (Nine, 9am) —  141,000.
  5. News Breakfast (ABC1, 7am) —   44,000 + 39,000 on News 24.

Metro FTA: Seven (three channels) won with a share of 32.9%, from Nine (three channels) on 27.3%, ABC1 (four) was on 19.1%, Ten (three) was on 15.6% and SBS (three) ended with 5.2%. Seven leads the week with 32.8% from Nine on 28.5%, The ABC was on 17.8%, Ten was on 16.3% and SBS ended with 4.6%.

Main channels: Seven again won with a share of 25.4% from Nine on 19.6%, ABC 1 was on 13.8%, Ten was on 10.4% and SBS ONE ended with 4.5%.

Metro Digital: GO won with 4.1% from 7mate on 3.9%, 7TWO on 3.5%, along with Gem. Eleven was on 3.3%, ABC 2 ended with 3.1%, ONE was on 1.9%, News 24 was on 1.4%, ABC 3 was on 0.8%, SBS TWO ended on 0.6% and NITV finished with 0.1%. the 11 channels had an FTA share last night of a moderate 26.2%. GO leads the week with 3.8% from 7TWo on 3.5%.

Metro including Pay TV: Seven (three channels) won with a share of 27.2%, from Nine (three channels) on 22.6%, ABC1 (four) was on 15.8%, Ten (three) was on 12.9% and SBS (three) ended with 4.3%. The 16 FTA channels had a viewing share last night of 85.2%, with the 11 digital channels totalling 21.2% and the five main channels 64.0%. The 200 plus channels on Foxtel gave Pay TV a share of 14.8% last night.

Regional: Prime/7Qld (3 channels) won with a share of 32.9%, from WIN/NBN (3 channels) on 27.3%, ABC 1 (4) was on 19.1%, SC Ten (3) was on 15.6% and SBS (3) ended with 5.2%. Prime/7Qld won the main channels with %, from WIN/NBN on %, ANC 1 on on % and SC Ten ended with %. The digitals were won by with %, from on % and on %. The 11 digital channels had an FTA share last night of %. Prime/7Qld leads the week with % from WIN/NBN on %, The ABc on % and SC Ten on %.


The five most-watched programs in regional markets were:

  1. My Kitchen Rules — 826,000.
  2. Seven News — 556,000.
  3. The Block –– 553,000.
  4. Nine News — 518,000.
  5. Home and Away — 444,000.


Major Metro Markets: Another clean sweep for Seven (overall and the main channels) in all five metro markets. Nine was second and the ABC third, except in the main channels in Perth where ABC 1 jumped to second and Nine fell to third because of Parade’s End. GO won the digitals in Adelaide and Perth, 7mate won Melbourne and Brisbane and 7TWO won Sydney. Seven leads the week everywhere from Nine and the ABC.


(All shares on the basis of combined overnight 6pm to midnight all people)


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