In Victoria, state MP Geoff Shaw has sensationally quit the Liberal Party this morning and abandoned Premier Ted Baillieu — already under pressure due to the party’s dire public support — and a government that tenuously holds power with a one-seat majority. Baillieu was meeting with MPs to discuss the future as Crikey hit deadline.

In the Northern Territory, Chief Minister Terry Mills faces the axe after less than seven months in power after his deputy Robyn Lambley walked and the party room revolts. Crisis talks were continuing as we hit send; Bob Gosford is blogging the latest at The Northern Myth.

In Western Australia, caretaker Premier Colin Barnett has had his until-now smooth re-election campaign derailed by allegations of illness and a handover deal to infamous chair-sniffer Troy Buswell during the next term. (Labor can’t win despite the public quite liking its leader.)

And that’s just this morning.

Then there’s the state with the dysfunctional frontbench and the barely-there opposition (Queensland); the lame-duck government headed for defeat no matter how hopeless the opposition seems (South Australia); the Coalition with the thumping mandate against an opposition mired in shocking corruption allegations (New South Wales); and the state with the Labor-led minority government crashing in the polls and grappling with a basketcase economy (Tasmania). In the ACT, the opposition leader just walked away to launch a raid on a fellow Liberal’s Senate seat.

If you’re in the movement that reckons state governments should be abolished, today is your day to shine.