Mar 5, 2013

How anti-choice lobbyists are posing as defenders of women

Senator John Madigan's attempt to exploit sex-selective abortion mirrors similar efforts overseas -- despite any evidence it's a problem. Crikey looks to the US for Madigan's cues.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The effort by conservative DLP senator John Madigan to return abortion to the political agenda in Australia mirrors an apparently concerted international campaign to use the issue of s-x selection as a way for anti-choice advocates to reassert state limitations on abortion.


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22 thoughts on “How anti-choice lobbyists are posing as defenders of women

  1. Andrew McMillen

    Excellent article Bernard.

  2. Roger Clifton

    Isn’t it amazing how many people will allude to some vaguely awful consequences of choosing your baby, but how so few of them can say what those consequences are?

    John Wyndham in his novel, “Consider her ways” explores a world in which there are no males at all. There is no horror story here, not even for the people who want to believe that the ways of yesterday will continue forever.

  3. Andybob

    If we’re going to pass laws against things that are already unlawful and aren’t practiced in Australia then I think suttee, ritual cannibalism and bear baiting should get a guernsey.

  4. Alex

    Bernard, how DARE you!!!! I have never been so offended in ALL my life!!! To call someone “old” when they’re just 55 offends me to my absolute core! That’s barely old enough to drink without throwing up! I demand an apology!

    On second thoughts, I’ll just have another beer and get over it. It’s not really all that offensive, I probably just get out more, and I will when Mum says I’m old enough.

    Cheers, Alex (on the wrong side of 50).

  5. AR

    This is why I subscribe – an issue of concern, an unholy alliance of strange bedfellows co-opts an idea, with all the subtlety of a red herring inside a Trojan Horse yet only a venue such as Crikey would give chapter & verse of the facts involved.
    BTW, a gender bias of 1.2 to 1 means 5 females for six blokes. Not a recipe for stability.

  6. Venise Alstergren

    Fundamentalist Catholics like John Madigan are as bad as fundamentalist Muslims. They both live five hundred years in the past.

    An excellent article about a despicable group of people.

  7. Achmed

    This is a bit crass. I saw a placard at a pro-abortion protest in the USA.

    If abortion is murder then oral s-x is cannibalism.

  8. Space Australian

    Fantastic article, well done!

  9. Harry1951

    It’s another pointer to the conservative agenda if/when an Abbott government is elected. Abbott will enable this sort of attack on a abortion. What a devious strategy!

  10. AR

    Achmed – it would only be cannibalism if swallowed, otherwise it would common or garden Onanism,as per the ungrateful,dog-in-the-manger in Genesis.

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