Mar 4, 2013

The Power Index: who’s doing the heavy lifting on carbon?

Who's really cutting carbon in Australia? The Power Index uncovers the most influential: the business chiefs, lawyers, regulators and bureaucrats driving the green economy as concerns mount globally over climate change.

Cathy Alexander — Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Cathy Alexander

Freelance journalist and PhD candidate in politics at the University of Melbourne

Wanted: high-fliers who can sail through peaks and troughs with little time spent in between. Must be able to perform in a highly politicised atmosphere in which half the population thinks your work is a sham and the rules of the game are rewritten frequently. Must be ready to be sacked at any time. Concern for the environment is not a prerequisite, but it helps.

Welcome to climate change, and the daily reality for those at the pointy end of cutting Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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4 thoughts on “The Power Index: who’s doing the heavy lifting on carbon?

  1. Hamis Hill

    Well done! There are more than enough starved intellects, marooned in the desert of dumbing down delivered by the mainstream on this issue, which will bloom again with the sustenance of your forthcoming articles.
    One thought; couldn’t very many community groups be directly involved in the generation of credits in this market?
    Surely that is the point, it is not a tax it’s a market.
    And markets produce jobs and income.
    IT’S A MARKET! NOT A TAX! Make some money!
    In order to cut through the destructive lies, that might need to be the message.

  2. John Hooper

    God bless these heroes!

    Only a filthy lowlife denier could fail to feel the difference it’s made. Step outside, denier, and feel how much cooler it is!

    Vamos a matar companeros: make these sinners pay!

  3. Stephen

    Who is doing the heavy lifting, good question.

    Let’s have a look at the EU ETS ‘market’ after seven years and hundreds of billions of euros spent.

    Still only 40% coverage of emissions, a carbon price bumping along below five euros, and a credible view they could have reached the same level of ‘achievement’ just by targeting a few of the dirtiest power stations.

    Then there’s the endangered Australian CPRS, up against the world’s keenest coal exporter, with its mad 1.5-2% pa population growth on the driest continent.

  4. Campbell Steve

    Hi Cathy,
    You’ve got to be kidding about at least three of these.
    1. Martin – Coal is going to be here for decades more, so we have to invest in CCS before renewables – Parkinson.
    2. Gail – Westpac wont divest from dirty energy – Kelly and
    3. Heather – the coal and mining industry is critical to Australia’s future and must be given carbon compo – Ridout.
    these three have done much more to protect dirty industry than to rid Australia of its scourge. Sorry.

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