Mar 1, 2013

Crikey playlist: don’t stop thinking about your campaign song

We take a look at the good, the bad and the (litigiously) ugly of political campaign songs. While Aussie pollies have been reluctant to use pop singers, the playlist for UK and US campaigns rocks.

Australian pollies have rarely embraced pop music to rally supporters. Which might be for the best — campaigns abroad have copped legal threats from artists unhappy about having their tunes used to back candidates they hate.


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7 thoughts on “Crikey playlist: don’t stop thinking about your campaign song

  1. Hamis Hill

    In keeping with his party’s continuing, rascist paranoia Abbott’s election theme song: “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas (Just Like The One We Used Yo Know).

  2. Narns

    You left out Latham using Hunters & Collectors “Do You See What I See” at the 2004 Labor launch. A mate of mine was on staff and phoned me a couple of days beforehand in a panic because they hadn’t picked one yet. Sadly, they didn’t go for “The Cicada That Ate Five Dock”* or “I Like It Both Ways”**, so this had to do.

    * not true
    ** neither is this

  3. Saugoof

    The Liberals under John Hewson in the 94(?) election campaign first tried to go for “Better Days” by Boom Crash Opera, who denied them the right, then they tried another song called “Better Days” by the Black Sorrows, who also said no.

  4. Frank Chalmers

    Given Abbott’s terror of repeating the Hewson debacle of losing the unloseable, I’d like him to hear Paul Simon’s “Slip-sliding Away” at every available opportunity. Especially this bit:
    “Slip-sliding away,
    The nearer your destination, the more you’re
    Slip-sliding away”

  5. john willoughby

    who let the dogs out.. by Morrison (not Jim)
    I’m an arsehole… Tonys theme..

  6. AR

    You omitted Ronnie Raygun’s campaign purloining Springsteens’s “Born in the USA in the delusion (among a thousand others) that it was a celebration of his theme, “It’s Morning again in amerika”.

  7. michael crook

    I used Buffy Sainte Marie’s “no no Keshagesh” (greedy guts) an anti capitalist song, for my state election campaign for the Socialist Alliance in the State Seat of Sandgate, and expect to use it again for my campaign in Lilley this year. I obtained permission to use it.

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