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Crikey Says

Feb 28, 2013

Crikey says: Morrison adds to an ugly rap sheet

Labor wants to "control the news" -- but the Coalition did, too. The ABC gets hacked and the rest of us get nervous. Worshipping with Bono at TED's expensive temple. The women going down the mines to make a killing. And looking through Google's Glass.


Coalition immigration spokesperson Scott Morrison, speaking yesterday:

“It’s … important that the government look at ensuring that police in particular are advised of people being released into the community in their jurisdiction, so that police are at least aware.”

You know, like p-edophiles. Even members of his own party have rebuked him today. But of course, we’ve been here before.

Like in February 2011, on flying asylum seekers to Sydney for the funerals of relatives:

“The government had the option of having these services on Christmas Island. If relatives of those who were involved wanted to go to Christmas Island, like any other Australian who wanted to attend a funeral service in another part of the country, they would have made their own arrangements to be there … And when it comes to the question of do I think this is a reasonable cost, then my honest answer is, ‘No, I don’t think it is reasonable’.”

Also in February 2011, Lenore Taylor reported in The Sydney Morning Herald:

“The opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate’s growing concerns about ‘Muslim immigration’, ‘Muslims in Australia’ and the ‘inability’ of Muslim migrants to integrate.

“Mr Morrison’s suggestion was made at a meeting in December at which shadow ministers were asked to bring three ideas for issues on which the Coalition should concentrate its political attack during this parliamentary term.”

In February 2012, a press release on two cases of typhoid found one on an Australia-bound boat:

“When illegal boats turn up in our waters there will always be the risk that people on these boats will carry serious communicable diseases. The more boats there are, the greater the risk of serious diseases presenting …

“As long as Labor’s soft policies on our borders continue, these boats will continue to arrive along with the risks they carry, including people with serious communicable diseases.”

In March 2012, he warned asylum seekers may be carrying guns:

“The guns on our streets, the guns being traded, the guns that form this black market have got into Australia through pretty porous borders.”

And in June 2012, he told 2GB asylum seekers were also arriving cashed-up:

“I’ve been up at Christmas Island I’ve the seen the bags and the various other things of the passengers, and I’ve seen wads of cash before. I’ve seen large displays of jewellery and various other things, so a lot of money floating around when these boats come in is not uncommon as I understand it.”

The rap sheet is too long — Morrison’s campaign to vilify foreigners seeking refuge on our shores is concerted and deeply held. He really believes this stuff. And he’s set to be the nation’s immigration minister in September.

Labor is guilty of similar crimes, but there isn’t, to quote Peter Hartcher, a grub quite like Morrison. We hope neighbours are informed where he lives.


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24 thoughts on “Crikey says: Morrison adds to an ugly rap sheet

  1. Cyndi

    Similar crimes…(both sides do it!)…care to elucidate?

  2. john willoughby

    on the subject of hobbies Scott lists “Church” as his main pastime …
    being disgusting would be a more accurate appraisal..

  3. klewso

    “Reith-Morrison – The Lowest Common Denominator.”

  4. Holden Back

    Didn’t he head Tourism Australia at one stage? Now that’s irony.

  5. ailie.bruins@gmail.com

    I believe Mr Morrison is a very devout Christian. Perhaps someone from the media pack should ask Mr Morrison what Jesus would think of his suggestions?

  6. Lee Miller

    This worked for the Howard government as a way of diverting anger from the government to someone lower down the ladder. It’s easier to kick down than to punch upwards.
    We have become a sad and frightened nation now. Always looking for someone else to blame for our own dissatisfaction and our own loss of national unity as we move more into individualism.

  7. Bill Hilliger

    @5 Wrong. Scott Morrison is a RC, but like most of that ilk, not a christian (my apology to non christians ( I’m a member) in our society. Professed christians like mr Morrison is the reason why I find it very difficult to even contemplate being such. Furthermore a grub like him should also report to the local police so they can keep an eye on him as well. One never knows what these types get up to once out of sight.

  8. mikehilliard

    If church is his main pastime then maybe Morrison should be advising communities of any retired priests in their neighborhood.

  9. Pedantic, Balwyn

    And he’s set to be the nations immigration minister next September with the almost universal support of the Australian media.(Crikey is an honorable exception providing balance)
    Yet Morrison is not alone in exhibiting characteristics many would consider “un-Australian”. However as factual or truthful analysis has deserted the majority in the Canberra Press gallery they will ensure that Morrison and his compatriots will prevail on September 14th.
    Just goes to show, be careful what you wish for!

  10. Pedantic, Balwyn

    @Bill Hilliger may be accurate in stating that Morrison is an RC; but as a practising RC myself I can assure him that I and the very large number of RCs in my social group find Morrison and his views totally abhorrent, whatever his professed religion.

  11. Barry Cross

    Your editorial (referencing Scott Morrison) says in part….

    In March 2012, he warned asylum seekers may be carrying guns:

    “The guns on our streets, the guns being traded, the guns that form this black market have got into Australia through pretty porous borders.”

    He did not say “asylum seekers may be carrying guns”

    You have misquoted him. If you are going to misquote, don’t have a link to what was actually said.

  12. Holden Back

    Pop quiz:

    Finish this passage: “I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you clothed me, in prison and you visited me . . . “

  13. Bill Hilliger

    @ Pedantic I appreciate your statement and view. BH, Nth Balwyn.

  14. zut alors

    If these insulting remarks were made by a government minister they would be shunted directly to the PM – she would be put under the spotlight, forced to bear responsibility for her party’s prize oaf, and required to justify or apologise.

    Will Morrison’s comments from a ditch be laid at the feet of his leader – to either justify or apologise?

    But I’m forgetting the Oz media has designated 2013 as ‘Hands Off Tony’.

  15. Electric Lardyland

    Actually, Scott Morrison is a member of the ShireLive church; which is one of the many pentecostal churches, popping up like toxic mushrooms around Australia. You know, the ones where the parishioners get to gibber in tongues and hand over a tenth of their income to a far right (probable) charlatan.
    Interestingly, being a member of a minority religious group, doesn’t seem to stop him from trying to demonise other minority groups.

  16. michael r james

    @Holden Back at 2:31 pm
    FYI. From Jane Cadzow’s long profile in Good Weekend (The Watchman) 3 Nov 2012.

    [As managing director of Tourism Australia – a $350,000 a year job handed to him by John Howard’s government after the 2004 election – he launched the controversial advertising campaign that asked the rest of the world: “Where the bloody hell are you?”
    The slogan was ridiculed at home. “It fell foul of the latte elite,” says Morrison.
    Overseas, it created confusion in some markets – the Japanese, in particular, were said to be flummoxed – but it generated interest in others. “We increased tourism revenues by $4 billion a year,” says Morrison, who nevertheless got the sack in 2006, just two years into his contract.
    (Fran) Bailey’s version of events is backed by a former board member, who says Morrison was arrogant and headstrong, seemingly unaware that, “when you’re given a request or directive, you have to take heed of it. You can’t just be dismissive and do what you bloody well like.”
    Whatever the reason for his departure, the managing director didn’t leave empty-handed: Remuneration Tribunal president John Conde reportedly wrote to Fischer to complain that Morrison’s $330,000 payout was $200,000 higher than it should have been. Morrison says the sum included a performance bonus.]

    Incidentally he came to this TA job after a similar experience with NZ TA, also detailed in the article. And what is also clear from the article is that many senior Libs don’t approve of him but are afraid to speak out–essentially because he is an unprincipled bully thug (with Jes us on his side) and because the failed Jesuit likes his style of “robust” faith.

  17. AR

    Zut – akshally MM did respond to the grub’s latest obscenity.
    He said that stopping the boats would stop such ‘problems’ (not sure if he meant the grub’s mouth. He didn’t then go on to say that it would also cause bald spots to regrow hair, whitewash the picket fence & have women barefoot with a bun in both ovens but one might assume that he thought it. Assuming that he thinks at all – no evidence thus far.

  18. Bruce Taylor

    In reply to ailie.bruins. Jesus loves Scott Morrison. It’s just that everybody else thinks he’s a —- (Please choose appropriate expletive).

  19. Malcolm Street

    What a nasty piece of work. And a Christian to boot! Not much Jesus, lots of the Pharisees…

  20. michael in melbourne

    How best should the asylum seekers be identified to the community? Perhaps a crescent moon sewn onto their clothes? What extra laws should we subject these people to, laws that clearly would not apply to ordinary, decent Australians? The last mob with these ideas murdered 6 million people. Is this really where we want to go? Is this attitude representative of who we are and who we want to be? I’ll take the chaotic government anytime and all the time rather than one with a loathesome set of principles.

  21. edumf

    Based on his public utterances about refugees over the past few years, very nasty piece of work indeed is failed former Tourism Australia’s executive Scott Morrison. As the next prospective Immigration Minister, he will make Phillip Ruddock seem like a bleeding heart on refugees. Sadly, Morrison stands at the centre of a long tradition of xenophobic positions in Australia’s cultural history and its political life. His views need to be firmly opposed with both reason and compassion.

  22. JMNO

    Isn’t this about making life difficult for the government again? Here is Gillard off to the western suburbs of Sydney where many are upset about boat arrivals. It’s about drawing attention to the numbers in the community and the (imagine) threat they pose to ‘our way of life’. It’s the dog whistle. It’s contemptible. It’s about keeping Labor on the back foot and responding to the Libs agenda

  23. JMNO

    Not only that, Morrison’s comments are wilfully ignorant. He will know that anyone who has applied for a refugee visa has to keep the Immigration Department informed of where they are living and it is in their interests to keep DIAC informed as most of them will be anticipating that (eventually) their applications will be approved.

    Abetz, a man who often makes repulsive observations and Pyne, who should know better, have both now weighed in with further dog whistle statements. It is depressing if this is the gutter level at which political debate is to be conducted this election year.

  24. Holden Back

    Comments defended by Jed Seselja and Eric Abetz? Say no more.

    Abetz is particularly galling: while he is right to claim no connection to his uncle Otto’s politics, his family will have benefited in the refugee ‘queue’ post-1945, because they were related to high-ranking Nazis. A grubby little secret of post-war migration. I wonder if their neighbours in Tasmania were warned?


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