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Feb 27, 2013

Meet Titanic II: everything you need to know about Clive's ark

Clive Palmer's Titanic II will have a high-tech engine, air conditioning, a hospital, a helipad ... and more lifeboats. But you'll still be able to dine in early-20th century finery.


Titanic 2

It’s got a similar name, it will look the same, and its owner has declared it will be “sinkable”. But eccentric billionaire Clive Palmer’s Titanic II, under construction in China, will differ in one significant respect from the original: it will have many more lifeboats.

Last night, Palmer addressed journalists in New York to update them on his progress recreating the world’s most famous ship (the project was announced last year, 100 years after the doomed luxury passenger liner sank). It was quite the circus.

One can criticise Palmer’s endeavour as an unseemly attempt to cash in on one of the most iconic tragedies of the 20th century — 1502 people died — but it’s hard to deny (my) fascination with his grandiose plans.

Unlike the first Titanic, the ship has a high-tech engine, air conditioning, a hospital and a helipad. Here’s what you need to know about Palmer’s Titanic

  • The Titanic replica (ominously christened Titanic II — it’s considered bad luck to name a ship after one that has sunk) will make its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in late 2016. It’ll follow the same route as the Titanic, visiting Cobh in Ireland before it leaves the British Isles to steam across the Atlantic.
  • Titanic II’s guests will have the option of donning early 20th-century clothing, available at no extra charge in their room. They will also be offered the same 11-course menu as that offered to passengers during the Titanic’s 1912 voyage, prepared by 60 chefs.
  • In keeping with the Edwardian theme, there will be three passenger classes — they will not be allowed to mingle. However, passengers can opt to switch passenger class mid-way through the trip. This will require a costume change.
  • It’s being built at shipyard in China operated by CSC Jinling, and has been designed by Deltamarin, a Finnish company. The company that’ll run the Titanic II is called Blue Star Line, a play on White Star Line, who ran the original.
  • There’ll be enough lifeboats. The original titanic had 16 wooden lifeboats — enough for 1178 of its 2224 passengers and crew. Titanic II will carry 2435 passengers and another 900 crew. It’ll have lifeboats for 2700, and life rafts for an additional 800. “From a safety point of view, it will be absolutely the most safe cruise ship in the world when it is launched,” said Markku Kanerva, the sales director at Deltamarin.
  • Apparently 40,000 people have already registered to buy tickets for the maiden voyage, and some expressed interest in paying up to $1 million to do so.

Palmer isn’t displaying the hubris associated with the launch of the first Titanic. Asked if the ship was “sinkable”, Palmer responded it certainly was. “Anything will sink if you put a hole in it,” he said.

At least passengers don’t have to be scared of icebergs. “One of the benefits of global warming is there’s not as many icebergs in the North Atlantic,” Palmer said.

How much has it cost Palmer to build? He won’t say. “It’s not about the money… I’ve got enough money for it, I think that’s all that matters,” he said. According to BRW‘s annual rich list, Palmer is Australia’s eighth richest person, with a fortune of $3.85 billion.

Palmer is making a further announcement, with more details, on March 2 at The Ritz in London. We’ll keep you posted.

*This article was originally published at LeadingCompany


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26 thoughts on “Meet Titanic II: everything you need to know about Clive’s ark

  1. littlemaths

    So, it’s basically a chance for people to go high sea LARPing with Clive Palmer?

  2. wayne robinson

    Um… Doesn’t global warming mean there should be more, not fewer, icebergs in the North Atlantic, as more icebergs are called from the Greenland glaciers?

    I just hope that they have a good radar. Failing that, at least a pair of binoculars for the lookouts in the crows nest .

  3. wayne robinson

    Oops calved. Curse spellcheck.

  4. Matt Hardin

    The three classes smacks of Marie Antoinette’s playing at being a shepherdess. Unbelievable.

  5. Matt Hardin

    As for the stupid global warming quip, I thought Palmer didn’t beleive in it…

  6. Matt Hardin

    *”believe” not “beleive”

  7. zut alors

    It’s a tad disappointing there are only three classes of travel – I expected five, including Untouchables.

  8. mikehilliard

    yes zut! steerage anyone?

  9. John Hamer

    When is someone in the media going to question Palmer on the logistics of his Titanic replica. For example if he is building a replica based on a century-old design, where are the extra lifeboats and liferafts stored. Where are the additional 1,111 passengers and crew accommodated?Where does Palmer fit the air conditioning plant. And given the design of modern-day luxury cruise ships invariably incorporate balconies adjoining the majority of cabins, along with the provision of several swimming pools; how does Palmer plan to attract passengers from rival Cunard vessels. I would imagine the novelty of wearing fancy dress will wear off rather quickly. I say it’s another burst of Palmer hotair – similar to the much talked about float of his Minerealogy company. How about some more scrutiny from the media instead of accepting everything Palmer says as gospel! JH

  10. mikeb

    Will “Nearer My God To Thee” be on the band’s playlist?

  11. Damien

    Clive makes me laugh. He might be a bit of a d*ckhead but he doesn’t care. Nor should he. He’s going to make an absolute fortune from this folly.

  12. Damien

    John: Better lifeboats – more capacity. The original displaced 60,000 tons – still quite a big ship – plenty of room. Engines will be diesel turbines, not coal driven reticulated steam engines. The original had to carry thousands of tonnes of coal just to get across the Atlantic once. I’m not sure of the fancy dress either, but I reckon there’ll be thousands queuing up for it.

  13. Wilson

    Go for it Clive, AWESOME idea! I would love to be on that maiden voyage. Very cool.

  14. Iskandar

    Typical example of someone who has more money than he knows what to do with, and no social conscience. Pure self-indulgent wank.

  15. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Cause Clive never lies, not about running for parliament or anything…sure, 3rd class…

  16. Margaret Ludowyk

    What appalling waste – he could fund a few schools on his own!

  17. Moira Smith

    To avoid fate striking a second time, Clive should beware of captains called Smith (not that easy, there are a lot of Smiths about, though not all are marine masters).

    Captain Edward John Smith went down with the ship.

    Actually I think the project is in appallingly bad taste.

    I also wonder (as have other commenters, above) who will be able to afford to travel ‘steerage’ on this new wonder-ship? And if they can afford it, will they want to?

  18. Ryan Moore

    Good on him. Why not?

  19. george funkenberry

    Just plain old stupid! What a bunch of fakes and frauds. And I am talking about those that buy tickets to ride this pile of horse shit. It should be just as the first Titanic or not at all. I am sure that the most whom will buy tickets are British. then again what can a person expect from a country that supports a “royal” family that does nothing but be royal.

  20. zut alors

    I expect the target market will be the US. Yanks tend to flock to crass theme entertainment ie: Disneyland.

    It would be impossible to replicate the kudos attached to travelling on the original Titanic. The Palmer project is reminiscent of the fake paddle steamers operating on the Mississippi River.

  21. Hominoid

    Excellent. Now all the Tories can go cruising and, hopefully, sink. Or choke on the 11th course of their wasteful gastronomic indulgence. At least they’ll be re-living 1912 and nostalgically wishing that feudalism makes a come back.

  22. Peter Hull

    Clive has accumulated enough money from his mining activities in Qld to pay for play things like replica dinosaurs and the Titanic. Meanwhile the Liberal/National Qld government runs up debt despite the mining boom and record prices for commodities. Did Bjelke Peterson give away the right to the peoples’ resources to his old mate and party supporter. The owners of the resources certainly don’t seem to be getting much benefit.

  23. Peter Brown

    Has anyone been to the boatyard where this vessel is allegedly being built or do you just take this man’s word for it? I’d like to see photos and hear confirmation of the deal from the ship builders.

  24. Ould Tim

    One of the benefits of Clive Palmer being morbidly obese is that he will be dead soon.

  25. Robert Ashworth

    The higher number of passengers can be explained by the fact that the original ship was only 60% full on its one and only sailing.


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