Feb 27, 2013

DLP Senator’s anti-abortion bill likely to have little impact

A DLP senator is tabling a bill to strip public funding from abortions which are based on the sex of the foetus. But experts say the move is symbolic and the practice may not even exist here.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

Democratic Labor Senator John Madigan’s bid to ban Medicare funding for abortions which are conducted due to the gender of the foetus is a “symbolic declaration” that would have next to no real-world impact, according to former Australian Medical Association president Andrew Pesce.

Pesce, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, says there is no credible data on the number of gender-based abortions in Australia but he believes the number would be extremely small.

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5 thoughts on “DLP Senator’s anti-abortion bill likely to have little impact

  1. Roger Clifton

    Surely the obvious way to increase the value placed on girl babies in a community is to reduce the supply.

    Wasn’t there similar initial reaction against heart transplants, oral contraceptives and horseless carriages?

  2. Venise Alstergren

    Well there’s one preference vote from the DLP to the Liberal Party. Good old John (the blacksmith) Madigan from Ballarat shares with Tony Abbott the hero status of Brian Harradine DLP crook extraordinaire.

    The Catholic church-or its mouth organ, the DLP-no sooner gets someone into parliament then the new parliamentarian has to start telling the rest of the community how to fück in bed and how many children the rest of the community should have.

    Wait until Tony Abbott gets into power folks, we’ll have censorship of books, the internet, movies, plays, art, and the Royal Commission into the sodomy of children, by Roman Catholic priests, will be defanged.

    Minus ten out ten senator John (The blacksmith) Madigan.

  3. mikeb

    I cannot imagine anyone having an abortion purely because of gender. I know it happens – but I can’t (or don’t want to) imagine it.

  4. Roger Clifton

    I have been told, “oh, there has to be equal numbers of the sexes, so that every young man can dream of marrying a doting wife”.

    Depending on the community, his dream might also include a large home shared with ageing elders, childless uncles and aunts and a large group of children sired by him alone. Mostly boys, perhaps. So what’s new?

    A larger number of men living among men? That seems only to indicate a population growth under cultural control.

  5. Raaraa

    Is this “s-x” a genotype or some condition? Why is there no mention or reference to what it is?

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