MP agrees with Geert (partly). When Tony Abbott was asked about Cory Bernardi's support for Geert Wilders he said Bernardi was a "lone voice". Apparently not. It was only noted in passing at the time, but Liberal-National MP George Christensen did what Bernardi sensibly didn't -- actually attended one of Wilders' speeches in Sydney. We were curious and asked the Dawson representative why he had decided to attend. His spokesperson noted the MP was "surprised" by some of Wilders' comments. No kidding. We later got a statement:

"Mr Wilders, for example, wants to ban the building of mosques, which goes against our values in a free society. We believe in freedom of worship in Australia, and people should be free to build and worship where they like. But Mr Wilders also believes that people of dual citizenship who act in a way that is contrary to the values of this country and engage in extremist violence should have their citizenship stripped and be deported. That’s something I agree with, and a lot of north Queenslanders have expressed that view to me as well."