Feb 26, 2013

PM’s four-star Rooty Hill blitz — try the wagyu, say locals

The Prime Minister is heading to the suburbs of Western Sydney in order to help salvage Labor's plummeting vote. But just where will Julia Gillard lay her prime ministerial head each night?

Labor’s vote may have collapsed in western Sydney, but can five days living in a beige hotel room in “the Vegas of Sydney’s west” turn things around? Julia Gillard sure hopes so.


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27 thoughts on “PM’s four-star Rooty Hill blitz — try the wagyu, say locals

  1. Christina Elisabeth

    As someone who grew up and now works in Western Sydney, I would have preferred reading a considered ananlysis of the strategy behind the 5-day tour instead of a patronising report on the hotel/meal/entertainment possibilities the PM will have in Rooty Hill.

  2. Sebben

    I actually paid for this crap.

  3. Aphra

    ‘Try the wagyu’. What sort of nonsense reporting is this?

    I’m not a great fan of Gillard’s but this constant belittling of her by fair means or foul is getting a bit much.

    This so-called report was worthy of Women’s Day at best, The Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph at worst.

    I endorse Christina Elisabeth’s comments.

  4. GF50

    Pointless, smart-arse, puerile, article.

  5. Phil L

    Usually a big fan of Crikey for reporting the real political stories and attempting to rise above the obvious media swill.

    For the first time in a while I’ve questioned why I’m paying for a subscription after reading this ill-considered guff.

    Lazy article that took the low road in preference to an analysis of why JG is on the campaign trail in the mighty western suburbs.

  6. form1planet

    I expect the NT News will be running an excerpt of this article tomorrow, as a hilarious example of the kind of content-free, snark-laden reporting that southern media consumers enjoy.

  7. David Hand

    Just tell me she’s “governing” from this Rooty hill pad and not campaigning. After all, the election campaign is “months away” and Labor’s has a lot of “governing” to do before it descends into the task of fighting an election campaign.

    This is evidence that Gillard herself believes she may have stuffed up by announcing the election date so early

  8. zut alors

    Please stop this frivolous pap, Crikey.

    Bear in mind your subscribers have IQs greater than their shoe size.

  9. CML

    Amber – you really are acting like a smart-ar+e. No fan of Julia Gillard’s, I too am offended by this article – especially the comment about the poker machines. How low can Crikey go without overtaking the nonsense in Ltd. News?

  10. Marcus Ogden

    Worst Crikey article ever.

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