The blame game. I have been writing about the potential of hospital funding being a vote loser for Labor for many months now and so it is coming to pass. The blame game between federal and state governments is just warming up. Another day, another way. The fallout from that silly decision to allow the formal agreement with the Greens to end becomes more apparent every day. The latest potential casualty? Gonski education reform funding. At this rate there will not be much governing between now and campaigning time. The tabloids disappoint. Goodness me, the tabloids are running dead. Hardly a leadership story to be seen this morning. Holding their fire for next week's Newspoll I expect. Still, the ABC is not disappointing. Another easy victory for the ABC in Chunky Bits Daily Leadership Beat-Up Award with a fine lead item on last night's 7pm news featuring a language warning and Paul Howes. And that provided an excellent lead in for this item on the 24-hour news service this morning:

Lesser of two evils. The Prime Minister must be wondering which is worse: privately gossiping Caucus members or publicly defending union officials?