Feb 21, 2013

Media briefs: Geert Wilders’ Anzac spirit … The Oz’s racy teen … EIEIO

Our land isn't Geert by sea. Every day in every way, Geert

Our land isn't Geert by sea. Every day in every way, Geert Wilders' essential stupidity comes more clearly into view. Is it possible that News Limited is regretting its shameless boosterism of the man? His latest brilliant wheeze to convince us that Australia will be 'Islamised' by its 2% Muslim population is to call on the Anzac spirit. "I believe Islam and freedom are incompatible, and I think we should be awake to this terrible ideology … and we lost track of what we really are and what we should be and what our grandparents, also in Australia with the Anzacs, what they fought and died for, to liberate Europe." Great choice. Take an event that most Australians see as meaningful because it expresses the futility and waste of war and the perfidy of the British, and try and sell it as a defensive attack in Islam. Forget the fact that the Ottoman empire was fighting on the side of Europe, i.e. Austria-Hungary and Germany, where some of your great-grandparents are from. Ignore the general Australian consensus that the Turks had never done anything to us, that the day symbolises the moment at which we stopped thinking of ourselves as an appendage of Europe, to be deployed at the behest of the English, and instead assume we could see no higher purpose worth dying for. Disregard the way in which Gallipoli has drawn us closer to Turkey and enhanced our understanding of the role it played in Turkish history. Don't mention that the Turkish commander who kicked our arses was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the great secular moderniser of Turkey. Or that thousands of Australians meet and commemorate together with Turks every year at Gallipoli cove. Or that Anzac Parade in Canberra hosts the Ataturk memorial, with his extraordinary words of reconciliation:
"There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours ... Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well."
Above all, don't do any serious research on the country you're coming to. Assume that our patriotism has the same obsessive focus on national purity as northern Europeans'. Fail to consider that a national day of remembrance might be, at its root, and however corrupted, one of reflection and pity, rather than triumph and hubris. Make sure you come across as a condescending and arrogant European. Above all, don't let anyone find out that you are of part Dutch East Indies Eurasian heritage on your mother's side and are pretty much just another overcompensating Dutch racial neurotic (we already have one of those, obsessed with the fact that white kids wouldn't play with him at school). Return to your declining party at home to take it to fresh losses. Wait three years. Appear on Sterren Dansen (Ice Skating with the Stars). -- Guy Rundle Not that kind of school girl. A seriously questionable usage of a photo by The Australian to accompany a story on teenage students.

Front pages of the day. Judging by The Cairns Post and The Daily Telegraph, tabloid headline writers all have small children.

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9 thoughts on “Media briefs: Geert Wilders’ Anzac spirit … The Oz’s racy teen … EIEIO

  1. paddy

    The best, most heartfelt put down of Geert Wilders I’ve read this week. Thank you Guy Rundle.

  2. Holden Back

    So was it Bint or Flolt?

  3. Graeme Connelly

    Karl Popper was of the view at the LSE in the 1960’s that the Achilles heel of liberal democracy was that they/we tolerate the intolerant. Greet has seized on this and made it into a shibboleth
    Does anyone have N answer to this paradox?

  4. Lady White Peace

    Fantastic article Guy…written with the wonderful, sarcastic wit which is beautifully Australian. Thank you Crikey!!
    Time this regressive mind got a wake up call ( at least let’s hope so.)

  5. klewso

    They fought to liberate Europe from Europe – not Muslims?

  6. Walter van der Cruijsen

    Excellent read. Being critical of Wilders has become a rarity in the media in the Netherlands. Journalists over here easily play along with his false pretenses of justice, liberty or liberalism. Naming Wilders for what he actually is is the new taboo in the Netherlands.

  7. tonyfunnywalker

    The tax payer funded ABC is a culpable as News Lts when it comes to Wilders.

    To allow him an airing on 730 report was the give the man the oxygen, he should have been denied.

    WA is the only state with the guts to deny him a platfrom.

    It is of concern that the LNP has tacidly supported his views.

    I join everyone in congratulating you Bernard, I concur that the ANZAC spirit is not to be besmurched by an “infidel” from Holland who are ignorant of the true meaning of ANZAC.

    The RSL is unusually silent.

    Australia does not have a Muslim problem so why create one?

  8. Christopher Nagle

    I wish this article didn’t sound so complacent. Islam is convulsing in a reformationary spasm that makes parts of it very dangerous. The sectarianism is actually more dangerous to Muslims than anyone else, but that doesn’t make it more benign if you are a Christian or anything else in Muslim country right now. The forces of traditional Muslim tolerance for particulary people ‘of the book’ (The Jewish monotheistic tradition) isn’t traveling well in Muslim countries. I have friends who are Iranian Christians. Need I say more? And you don’t have to wait more than a couple of days to hear a depressing story of murder and mayhem coming from that quarter.

    It is the fundamentalists who are making the moves and it is no use being a denialist about this. Larger Muslim populations will inevitably raise the threat level of an increasingly aggressive, ruthless and successful minority.

  9. In Fidel

    Guy Rundle,

    “Above all, don’t let anyone find out that you are of part Dutch East Indies Eurasian heritage on your mother’s side and are pretty much just another overcompensating Dutch racial neurotic (we already have one of those, obsessed with the fact that white kids wouldn’t play with him at school.”

    This is an extremely cheapshot,firstly in falsly suggesting without any evidence, that he is a racial supremacist, and secondly suggesting that non-whites should keep their traps shut in discussing this type of topic.

    Will you also call Ayan Hirsi Ali an overcompensating African neurotic hiding her origin?

    It might be ok to criticise the appeal to the Anzac spirit. But this is a beatup creating an ad hominem feature article over a trivial side issue.

    Again someone who finds it easy to make a personal attack without actually refuting anything of real substance.

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