Feb 21, 2013

How to spot a fake grassroots movement

A new study show how the Tea Party was conceived by tobacco executives with Citizens for a Sound Economy, a group established by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch. Graham Readfearn explains.

Perhaps somebody should write a pocket guide book with the title: “How to spot you’ve been suckered by a fake grassroots movement”.

Once it’s written, these guide books could be distributed free of charge to crowds at anti-carbon tax rallies, US Tea Party marches and pretty much any gathering of a “movement” telling you that your freedom is being put at risk by big governments, nanny states, new world orders or communists disguised as climate scientists or public health professionals.

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11 thoughts on “How to spot a fake grassroots movement

  1. Robert Barwick

    Does George Soros’ funding of MoveOn and GetUp qualify too?

  2. secondsoprano

    “It turns out that the US Tea Party movement and its calls for “freedom” from government intervention wasn’t some organic uprising of community concern after all.”

    Is there seriously anyone who didn’t already know this?

  3. klewso

    More super-cons than neo?

  4. Holden Back

    Ah Soros, the guy the Right loves to hate because he’s rich but doesn’t agree with them. He may also have a deeper understanding of what constitutes real oppression, having lived under some.

    His involvement in GetUp and MoveOn has the defense of disinterest, which cannot be said of the coal-mining Koch brothers’ funding of the anti-climate science lobby.

  5. Electric Lardyland

    Speaking of behind the scenes at the tea party. One of my favourite bits of nominative determinism, concerns one of the backroom leaders of the tea party movement, a chap by the name of Dick Armey. You think that he’d insist on Rick or Richard, but no, Dick it is.

  6. Patriot

    This actually makes me feel better. I’d much rather be a so-called “climate denier” than a freedom denier like the author of this rant.

  7. Giuseppe De Simone

    Enough already. The child has outgrown its parents. This happens when movements that are supposed to be controlled by a mastermind end up developing a life of their own. The Tea Party in the United States is full of people who dislike large corporations trying to dominate their lives as much as they hate government interference.

  8. Joel

    Giuseppe, the term “useful idiots” comes to mind.

  9. Holden Back

    Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty does spring to mind.

  10. AR

    Well knock me down with a feather, hooda thunk it – rich bastard their spending money to protect their power & influence.
    The greatest achievement is the success in convincing people to vote against, not only their best interest but those of their descendents, if any.
    Wot Joel sed, ‘useful idiots’ though I note, with distaste, that someone thawed out & applied electrodes to PatrIdiot, so mercifully long long for these comments.

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