Feb 19, 2013

Leadership long haul: can journos last three weeks? You bet

There's no escaping the leadership focus of the print media: it's one of the few remaining ways it can engage consumer interest. There was a flood of it in Fairfax papers today.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

The vexing question for Australia’s political journalists is: have they gone too early? Can they sustain leadership speculation all the way until March 12, when Parliament resumes? There’s a Senate sitting next week, but MPs won’t be returning to Canberra for three weeks.

It’s a tough ask, but surely they’re up to it?

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69 thoughts on “Leadership long haul: can journos last three weeks? You bet

  1. Jimmy

    CAn they keep it up for 3 weeks, they have been going for about 3 years so what is another 3 weeks?!

    I still live in hope that at some point in the next 7 months the ridiculousness of the Coalitions policies might get discussed at some point but with every day of journalistic tosh that hope grows fainter.

  2. rossmcg

    Political typing, love it.

  3. Ronson Dalby

    I just couldn’t get over the ALP leadership opinion pieces this morning in the Fairfax media. One big circle jurk (intentional!).

    I thought I must have clicked on The Oz by mistake.

  4. klewso

    “When newspaper’s are history”?
    Where do we find them now – three doors down from “Rocking-horse-shit ‘R Us”?
    The current crop are more like navel-gazing knuckleheads, “I can type – therefore I am”?

  5. Hunt Ian

    Of course they can keep going. They even seem to write to each other: the game plan at Fairfax is to make life difficult for Julia Gillard so that the Labor Party restores Rudd and goes to an early election , which it will lose in a landslide that will cement liberal party policies for at least two terms, with changes to industrial relations along US lines, which everyone knows are so “flexible”. Laura Tingle writes a piece that seems addressed to Fairfax owners: you might think that Rudd will go to an early election but consider, he will desperately want a budget that will help give him some reputation for competent economic management (Rudd as leader: Rupert, do you forgive my story in the Monthly, just 4 years ago this month, telling us all to accept that the GFC means the end of neo-liberal policies?). This will mean that the election timing will remain much the same. So even if the Labor Party restores Rudd there won’t be an early election and an Abbott budget. And will anyone in Labor risk Rudd? Will anyone else want a glorious defeat? perhaps Fairfax should reconsider its strategy. Of course, this does not mean that they should stop bagging Julia Gillard for all they are worth. It is iikely that MSM will succeed in bringing down Labor. We all wait for their journalists to ask Tony difficult questions about the Carbon tax (which cities have shut down, Tony?), the mining tax and just exactly what he intends to do to the welfare state to put the budget back in the black, where of course it must be (low debt, low wages, “flexible” conditions, what could be more perfect?). Please do not hold your breath …

  6. Andybob

    The Fairfax paywall cometh. Yea verily it will sorteth out the wheat from the chaff.

  7. Jimmy

    Hunt Ian – Over the past month we have had the liberals toss out a couple of policies, ie exempt the northern half of the country from paying tax, build up to 100 dams that will possibly be privately owned, cut the school kids bonus, cut the low income super contribution and keep the high income earners super concessions and reverse the means testing of private health insurance rebate and FTB.
    If these policies got even the slightest bit of scrutiny they would be exposed and the voting public would start to turn from the libs – but that is why that won’t happen but instead the News ltd papers are basically Tony’s PR unit.

  8. Andrea

    Can’t wait for the Guardian Australian website. Anyone know when it will be up and running? The Fairfax papers are just appalling.

  9. Gavin Moodie

    I half thought this could be fixed by giving Rudd another portfolio under Gillard’s leadership, but he is too undisciplined. Labor will just have to deal with the media’s destabalisation of its leadership until the next poll showing that Gillard’s popularity has increased again.

  10. klewso

    They could give him something shiny to play with, like a mirror? Or a bell for his tail? Those jouno’s could follow that around all day?

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