Feb 18, 2013

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29 thoughts on “How good are guns? So good

  1. zut alors

    Ah yes, Mr Dog, we’re on the slippery slope.

    Next thing the POTUS kiddies will be allowed the access code to the Red Button – but they’ll be thoroughly trained (and required to pass a proper test) before programming it.

  2. paddy

    Perhaps we could introduce a few Leopards to make it more interesting.

  3. Steve777

    I think we should allow control of animal pests in National Parks to professionals working for or hired by the National Park services, not enthusiastic amateurs, not the idiots who use road signs for target practice and certainly not kids.

  4. rhwombat

    paddy: in the tanks or the spotted felines? ‘Cause if it’s OK by you, I’d prefer the 12 year old shooting at me to be using 12 gauge not 12cm smooth bore rounds.

  5. drovers cat

    You won’t see me walking through NSW national parks now that congenital idiot O’Farrell has let loose the dogs of the Shooters Party.

    Where are the Sensitive New Age Cowpersons when you need ’em?

  6. paddy

    Relax rhwombat. Of course I meant those cuddly spotted felines.

    After all, there’s simply nothing to equal the joys of camping in a National Park.
    You know. That special thrill of waking up to the sound of birdsong,
    untroubled by the nagging whine of 12 year olds.

    And all because a friendly Leopard called by for dinner late in the night.

  7. Neal

    Most cartoonist combine humour with sociology. You have this inate knap of combining humour with philosophy. I like your work.


  8. Venise Alstergren

    DROVER’S CAT: What is it about Coalition governments that welcomes shooters and opens national parks to caravans? The midget-brained Ted Baillieu-Premier of Victoria, in lockstep with the National Party-who won him the election-have prostrated themselves in order to accommodate the ‘Shooters’ mob-I will not call them sporting.

    Just when it looked as if VIC might institute a law banning duck shooters there was an election which Baillieu only just won. Now we’re opening our parks to cheap motels and caravans as well as being allowed to shoot anything that moves.

  9. klewso

    As you say – it’s all fun ’til someone gets killed (even with a cross-bow) – then we can have a game of “Whose Fault Was it Anyway?” – wot cood possumbly go rong?

    [“Deliverance from Evil” …. just in case!]

  10. drmick

    I like Paddys idea. Lets arm the ferals so they can defend themselves from the shooters.
    Carefully planned and with appropriate funding, they could wipe each other out. A win win for the environment and the rest of us who don’t need guns and who don’t want to hunt in inappropriate places like National Parks.

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