Media bias

Dylan Taylor writes: Re. “ABC boss fires back over The Oz’s out-of-date claims” (yesterday). In view of News Ltd’s constant carping about the ABC (second only to its hatred of the Prime Minister), perhaps Mark Scott should take a look at the number of News Ltd journalists who appear regularly on ABC programs (both TV and radio) as panellists, commentators and even occasionally as presenters.

These people owe their living to Murdoch, who is about as anti-ABC as you can get. Very few are first-rate contributors. The majority are there to reiterate the views of their lord and master. Why does the ABC give them air time to do so?

Can the ABC not find any number of experts or commentators in the general community — be they academics, business or social entrepreneurs and others with no particular axe to grind?

It is particularly galling to have to listen to or see the same old complaining voices one tries to avoid in the Daily Telegraph and The Australian, turning up on ABC TV, Local Radio and even Radio National. It’s the best reason for turning off.

John Shailer writes: In an election year the continuing anti-Coalition bias of Fairfax and the ABC is a disgrace. Peter Costello’s fortnightly column in the Age and SMH has been discontinued. Julia Gillard has  provided an extra $10 million for her cheer squad at the ABC. However the inevitable result is their declining circulation and ratings, and growing irrelevance.