Feb 15, 2013

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18 thoughts on “A dam in every pot!

  1. Andybob

    The leaks are out, the costings few
    His dam support is rusted through
    But its raining, raining in my heart

    The polls they say are here to stay
    If thats the case, we’ll have to pray
    And its raining, raining in my heart.

  2. Holden Back

    Nah, this is dog-whistle to block out the siren-call of the Katter-mites to un-reconstructed agrarian socialists who until recently voted for the LNP Coalition, not realising that economic rationalism wasn’t just for other people.

    How many thought bubbles make a brain-fart? And who knew you could play that dog-whistle with one?

  3. zut alors

    I don’t give a dam.

  4. klewso

    What a dam good idea from Bubbles – and cane Toady’s can spread Right across the country?

  5. Steve777

    Will Tony Abbott be forever condemned as ‘Tonliar’ if his government only manages to build 99 dams?

  6. drovers cat

    #well I looked and looked …. and conclude there is no Ruddmentum reference

  7. ernmalleyscat

    Frankly my dear dog, I think they should combine their dental policy and their dam policy. It’s safer that way for dealing with the likes of the LNP.

  8. zut alors

    I guarantee Rabbott will eventually water down this 100 dam malarkey.

  9. Holden Back

    I’m even suspicious about the number. My local radio announcer – the laziest journalist in town, with some stiff competition – managed a rising inflection every time he said it. Remember the $10 billion Murray-Darling Basin Plan? Like that.

    Mind you, the local obsession is with the percentage in the Hume Dam, as if it were all Albury-Wodonga’s water supply, not one of the major sources for irrigators.

  10. drovers cat

    yes zut, and Fairfax will splash it across the front page when he does har de har

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