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Feb 13, 2013



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26 thoughts on “The timeline of a tanty: how a hissy fit brought down a PM

  1. Andybob

    I haven’t quite forgotten enough. Pass the gin.

  2. Holden Back

    Needs more pearls. Nice vests on the vested interests, though.

  3. zut alors

    Some of us recall Mr Dog’s excellent ‘toon (circa 2010) explaining the RSPT.

    Holden’s right – needs more pearls. And hubris.

  4. paddy

    Frame two had me reaching for the tissues. (sob)
    Oh the days of a kinder, gentler and way more positive polity.

    P.S. Watching Marn spouting vowels in QT as I’m typing this, isn’t exactly helping my mood.

  5. ernmalleyscat

    I want nothing*

    *Nothing = $126 million.

  6. rhwombat

    paddy. I remember it well. Sniff. Ken had such gentle hands.
    P.S. Marn doesn’t spout vowels, he strangles them.

  7. Holden Back

    They did have very nicely printed, identical signs and funny hats at that demo, though.

    Camera-ready doesn’t begin to cover the facts.

  8. Holden Back

    @rhw – What were the gloves for?

  9. Venise Alstergren

    I too, remember it well. So much charm, so much grace and humility; so much weight on the truck bed.

  10. drmick

    How did they convince the other 30 Million people in Australia that we should pay more and they pay less?
    Ah I see; it has nothing to do with 75% of the press telling us that the blud nut was going to kill the golden goose; much better to crucify her, stew the swan, bleed the rest of us and give the billionaires a free ride; Oh and vote Tone in.
    My turn for a tanty.

  11. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    Wombats. Digging things up everywhere. And they are contributing to the obesity crisis

  12. drovers cat

    The moral of the story is how quickly we … er … oh look, Craig Thompson

  13. Mike Smith

    Hands up who really likes paying tax. Let’s all have a tanty. No? Ok, let’s all give Gina a pearl necklace.

  14. Holden Back

    @ Mike Smith- There’s no accounting for taste, but don’t let us stop you living the dream.

    I for one, quite like paying tax, and the benefits that accrue to me personally and to the society of which I’m proud to be a contributing member. As such, no need for a tanty.

  15. Andybob

    And another thing, where’s my waterproof crumpet ?

  16. rhwombat

    Holden @ 8: Two reasons: (1) We’re as bad as koalas when held by ex-Tourism Ministers. (2) It was time for my prostate check, and Dr Henry has remarkably small fingers.
    Shaniq’ua @11: I resemble that.

  17. rhwombat

    Andybob: According to Dennis the peasant, she’s in the lake, establishing the violence inherent in the system by hurling swords at passing mythic figures. This accounts for the amount of time Tiny Rabbott spends hanging around Lake Burley Griffin.

  18. GF50

    Vernise, Vernice, you are going for the “red carpet” fashion, flare and who wore it best job at Vogue, admit it now? “so much weight on the truck bed” still laughing 🙂

  19. GF50

    Venise, Sorry, misspelt your name too much laughing tears in eyes:)

  20. klewso

    I told Kev, “Stay away from those super profiterolls. They’ll go straight for your love-handles”.

  21. klewso

    I remember when these tacks were going to cripple our magnets (make them “buy polar”?) – now it’s going to cripple the country because it isn’t going to send them broke? I red that in limited news or won of their disciplinarians.

    [Is that Cousin Jethro with the bull horn?
    What the minors need is a human sacrifice to Godess Gina.
    ….Mike is there enough gin in all the joints in world to make that possible?]

  22. bernie.lorenz

    …….for memory, weren’t the libs dead opposed to a mining tax?
    surely that couldn’t have helped separate miners from their money?
    it’s a shame 1st dog disn’t dedicate at least a pane to their dubious contribution.

  23. Mike Smith

    @Holden: I don’t resent it, but the progressive rate of it irritates me, as does having to act as an unpaid accountant for the government (tax return).

  24. Venise Alstergren

    GF50: I’m delighted you ‘got it’. You’ve made my day.



  25. klewso

    Good idea frame 2 : “Wombats for Numb-bats”.
    ….. and what about a Tanty Tax – “Good-bye d’ Fezit”?


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