Feb 11, 2013

‘I love pizza, but …’: anti-multicultural party’s Canberra launch

Australia's newest political party was launched today with an anti-multicultural, pro-Christian platform -- and the help of climate sceptic Christopher Monckton. Farz Edraki was there for Crikey.

“Watch out Australia, watch out the federal Parliament; we are coming!” So declared Reverend Daniel Nalliah this morning as he launched Australia’s newest political party at Canberra’s National Press Club.


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42 thoughts on “‘I love pizza, but …’: anti-multicultural party’s Canberra launch

  1. AsGrayAsGray

    OMFG… words fail me; but I am just a little bit scared.

  2. jesse mandragoria

    sadly i think they’re going to do extremely well come the next election.

  3. Mitchell Brian

    Let’s be clear. This mob is just a preference machine for the Liberals.
    Nalliah has a long association with Abbott’s mob and we all know how popular Monckton was with the Libs when he came out from England to mouth-fart about climate change denial.
    Abbott’s close association with these people should be made loud and clear – this is the sort of nonsense that will become mainstream under a Coalition government.
    The Liberals are not far from demanding that creationism be taught in schools, for pity’s sake.

  4. Andybob

    I dont know what they paid you for going there Farz; but it wasn’t enough.

  5. drmick

    Bonkers and Noella would complete the look-alike rocky horror show line-up that is the oppo front bench. I don’t understand why they have to import loonies when they have certifiable clowns like the parrot, et al.

  6. Matt

    “I think God created Chinese fried rice, and I love pizza … but please do not come and tell me that sharia law should be introduced in Australia. You go back to where you came from,” Nalliah told the cheering crowd.

    Now THAT’S a non sequitur. Outstanding stuff.

  7. AsGrayAsGray

    @DrMick – Imported loons are so much more believable than the local clowns.
    Parrots would want to reclaim their title. I like parrots.

  8. MJPC

    M Brian, you said it all. Australia’s own tea party lite, designed to bring in all of the lunatic fringe dwellers on the right of the LNP (those that missed out on Katter’s Australia party).

  9. philro

    This was the same religious mob that the Howard govt allowed into parliament to pray for them to win the election but which helped the Liberals to lose the election, maybe they will help the Liberals to lose this one as well.

  10. littlemaths

    Is there not, perhaps, some way we could encourage Mr Monckton to return from whence he came on a more permanent basis?

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