Feb 11, 2013

Essential: Gillard, Labor’s reputation goes backwards

Labor and Julia Gillard have lost the momentum they had late last year and the Prime Minister is again as unpopular as Tony Abbott, according to today's Essential Report.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Julia Gillard’s approval with voters has slipped significantly and she now finds herself once again as unpopular as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, today’s Essential Report finds.


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14 thoughts on “Essential: Gillard, Labor’s reputation goes backwards

  1. jesse mandragoria

    thats the problem with these opinion polls, it says what the numbers are but doesn’t give a reason. this is left to self-prescribed “experts” to disseminate for the masses (or put their own spin and biases to the data). so the fall was among labor supporters (or the swinging votes they picked up from the coalition in the last half of 2012). was it the budget? that was a few months ago. was it the anti-discrimination laws? i doubt it. craig thomson? no real news there. mining tax? could be, gillard came out to be nowt but a shill for the mining companies, and proves to yet again blow another opportunity to make australians better off in place of placating powerfull overseas corporates with very deep pockets.

    so, who can explain to me exactly why gillards numbers have dropped so?

  2. jesse mandragoria

    i also wonder why australians think the coalition is better to handle the economy. theres no 200+ billion is assets to sell this time round (how much is medibank private going to net? not as much as telstra i bet).

  3. JMNO

    The MSM negative and somewhat hysterical reporting of last week’s election date and ministerial resignations announcements plus the ongoing drama of Craig Thompson are presumably responsible for the polling.

  4. Mark from Melbourne

    Some analysis/hypothesis on why trends have reversed over Christmas would be interesting. The rest is just blather.

  5. JMNO

    Not to mention Obeid in NSW.

  6. Mr Tank

    Why? Labor is the party that thrives when it offers decency and hope. It fails when it strives for survival at any cost. The coalition does not have such a high bar to jump, its electoral requirement is only to be not frothing at the mouth when no other alternative is available. Now this poll shows that people are losing faith in Labor when it comes to looking after those such as pensioners and the unemployed. A tragedy for so many in our party who believe so passionately in its founding principles. Only a few weeks ago the story was that there was no polling advantage in raising the dole. Perhaps now they can see the disadvantage in not doing so. Tis a shame that they believe they need to quantify decency.

  7. CML

    I have a friend who lives in Darwin, and he says the anger is white hot up there about the Nova Peris affair. He has voted Labor all his life (now retired), but will not do so again while this farce continues.
    Apparently he is hearing that the ALP in NT will seek to oust Peris after one term (3 years for an NT Senator), and replace her with Marion Scrymgour. Interesting!
    I don’t live in Darwin, but that whole episode just pointed up the lack of judgement shown by Julia Gillard. Just more of the same behaviour she has exhibited since destroying Kevin Rudd. That worked out well, didn’t it? NOT!!

  8. Matty D

    CML – I am from the NT too, and as angry as many people from the rest of Australia seem to be about the Peris affair, it’s nothing to the anger up here. It’s palpable.

  9. Paddy Forsayeth

    Both parties have failed to protect the masses from the depradations of the obscenely rich. Sorry to bang on about it but Labor has been screwed by the simple taunt of “Socialist!” Julia Gillard is not Labor…she may well be ALP but the real effort to promote reasonable incomes for everyboby including Palmer, Rhinehart etc. has long been abandoned. The rich ride the sulkies drawn by the masses blinkered by the MSM. Both parties sh..t me. Where are the damned real Socialists!

  10. geomac62

    I have a niece managing units and houses in Darwin . When I inquired about the senate seat regarding Peris she said it wash,t a concern to tenants . Another way to put it is nobody has mentioned it , its not the oft remarked BBQ stopper . Curious term that as I,ve never been to a social get together like that where politics is discussed for more than a minute before being howled down .

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