What’s this? Some policy work from the Coalition?

The Opposition Leader rose this morning to introduce a private members bill cracking down on union power (it was put into the Senate last year). Later, Scott Morrison will (again) put forward a bill reinstating temporary protection visas for asylum seekers. Whatever you think of the policy work, it’s good to see them having a crack.

Indeed, given the numbers in Parliament — and the very real prospect Coalition-backed legislation could pass the lower house — they should have had more impact. The Coalition has put forward 20 pieces of legislation in the 43rd Parliament — from the Solar Hot Water Rebate Bill to the Carbon Tax Plebiscite Bill. Not a bad effort.

Abbott will complain loudly over the next seven months of this long quasi-campaign and the lame duck government. What he could do instead is make Parliament work — introduce his more of his own legislation to start reshaping the nation in his image. At least we’d know what we’re getting come September.

If the nation needs fixing there’s no time to waste. Put up the best ideas and test them before Parliament. Work with the crossbenches to draft sensible legislation they can support. Show us what you’ve got.