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The Parallax Podcast

Feb 8, 2013

Parallax Podcast anti-doping special — plus Movie 43, Flight and Safety Not Guaranteed

This special episode of The Parallax Podcast begins with an extraordinary admission of cinematic doping. Plus, the team review Movie 43, Flight, Safety Not Guaranteed, Bernie and more.


In an emotionally revealing episode of The Parallax Podcast, Rich Haridy sits down with fellow film critic and co-host Luke Buckmaster to confess to the cinematic equivalent of doping. Will there will be tears? Will he apologise to friends, family and colleagues? Is he really sorry?

The pair discuss the star-studded and critically savaged  new “comedy” Movie 43, described by one critic as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” They move onto slightly greener pastures, debating Robert Zemeckis’ Flight (starring an Oscar-nominated Denzel Washington) and, on DVD, Safety Not Guaranteed and Bernie.

Cult film expert Zak Hepburn then joins them from an undisclosed location to talk about 2004’s Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession.

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