Feb 8, 2013

When parties trade places in decades-long dance

There was a startling hypocrisy in the rhetoric around development in northern Australia yesterday. Both sides of politics were caught opposing their own history.

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

When you’ve been reporting politics in Canberra for nigh on 50 years it’s not unusual to see everything old becoming new again. What is unusual is to see the supporters of the 1960s becoming the opponents of 2013, and the opponents taking on the role of the supporters. So it is this week with northern development and what passes these days for debate.


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3 thoughts on “When parties trade places in decades-long dance

  1. Bo Gainsbourg

    Yep, Labor had some whacky ideas about Northern Development too…now Tony’s plan to reduce a certain mining billionaires tax bill is the next off the rank. I reckon there is a roughly a 7 to 13 year cycle for the recycling of dumb, expensive development ideas for Northern Oz. Lets just recognise it for what it is, a government sector dominated economy, always was, always will be (with the exception of a few mega foreign owned mines busily shipping their profits overseas to investors) and try to get that bit right without stuffing up the environment, aboriginal culture and quality of life and everything good about it in the meantime. We’ve subsidised mining and huge agribusinesses like AACO enough surely. Here’s a radical idea. Lets privatise the private sector in Northern Australia…that’s right, mining and agribusinesses. Lets stop showering subsidies on their fuel, roads, infrastructure, dams etc and then giving them taxbreaks till the cows come home (literally). With the dead hand of government off them they would then be free to flourish in the liberating world of the free market (shock horror. Privatise the Northern Australian private sector. Its catchy, maybe the free market coalition types will even back it!

  2. David Hand

    well, there’s relentless negativity for you.

  3. Milanion20

    The idea of transferring Wingeing-Wendy-from-the-West to the NT is so appealing I wish this solution to the problem could be taken seriously.

    Let us not be negative.

    Go Wendy go.

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