Tips and rumours

Feb 7, 2013

Tips and rumours

Labor takes foreign cash ... Fin writer takes on the scientists ... who's employed a drug dealer, besides (allegedly) Essendon? ...


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2 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. jeremy brown

    Your note on climate change contains the admonition ‘Check out the comments and see who you believe’
    Are you making the same mistake as all the other head-in-sand commentators, offering a choice of beliefs? Is it like the choice of a religion, or a brand of cigarette perhaps?
    Maybe you are softening us all up for Abbo’s blow for good Aussie common sense by stopping the carbon tax when the conservatives take over this country (as Bernard Keane keeps telling us will happen)?
    I don’t know what Mark Lawson is smoking but there is not a single serious scientific body on the planet (either in research articles in Science or Nature, or government organisations like the CSIRO, NOAA) that is not saying that we are in great danger from man-made CO2 emissions, and if we don’t start dealing with it the results are going to be catastrophic. So please adjust your blinkers – stop pandering to denialists.

  2. SBH

    “Which pharmaceutical company allegedly employs a drug dealer as a sales rep?”

    Umm – All of them?

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