Feb 7, 2013

Hockey scores goals in policy-rich question time

Having finally shifted to policy rather than smear campaigns in question time, the Opposition yesterday found unexpected success.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

One of the more consistent and accurate criticisms levelled by the government at the opposition has been about Tony Abbott’s negativity and lack of interest in policy, particularly in question time, which last year become a rather banal procession of muckraking, invented scare stories about the carbon price and suspension motions so frequent that betting pools were set up for the time they’d happen.

Behind that approach was Labor’s conviction that if Abbott did switch his focus to policy, his weakness would be revealed and Labor’s strength demonstrated.

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18 thoughts on “Hockey scores goals in policy-rich question time

  1. geomac62

    Hockey makes a claim by saying Labor has said on whatever number 100, 150 times about a surplus which is itself a stunt . Costello said a thousand times that the GST was a state tax . It didn,t make it true because it was always a federal tax and always will be . The cardboard cut out bearer will always go for the clown act and the number thing is irrelevant . Its like the brat saying to a parent ” You have told me that ten times already “

  2. MJPC

    BK, about time the LNP concentrated on policy, but of course its easy to run the agenda when the media cowtows to any inane comments made by the LNP, and does not dig to find out the truth, such as yesterdays recent sugestion of us all moving to the tropics to create a brave new world of no tax and serfdom for the Gina Rinehardts amongst us.
    Pith helmet anyone?

  3. john willoughby

    half a stomach.. why not he’s been operating with half a brain for a long time..

  4. JMNO

    Despite agreeing with a couple of the previous comments, I do wish Labor would make their public pronouncements a bit more interesting to listen to and stop using cliches all the time. As Tony Wright wrote in The Age yesterday, it would be nice to have some Paul Keating moments from time to time. They can’t rely on Abbott behaving like Attila the Hun all the time. He is clearly in image-making mode and they will be left far behind unless they get their act together.

  5. The Pav

    I what is a daming indictment of the mainstream media I wouldn’t have know about this other than Crikey.

    If something asinine but sexy had happened the I’m sure there would have been headlines.

    No , some policy got debated and the govt’ failed to handle some reasonable questions and the reward……

    Almost total silence.No wonder politicians go for stunts over substance

  6. MJPC

    JMNO, agreed. Oh for some cutting wit to destroy some of Mr Abbott’s more outlandish pronouncements.
    The link between Abbott’s announcements and the Rinehart dream of some capitalistic tropical utopia seems to have been let slide without comment by the ALP. Galling when it was a target waiting to be fired at with broadside force as to its total inanity.

  7. Ruprecht

    Arguing over whether there will be a surplus, as opposed to what the money is to be used for, is policy focus now?

  8. jeremy brown

    How can you write an article called “Hockey scores goals in policy-rich question time” without giving details of policy? Apart from Hockey looking pathetic with his ‘prop’ of a pile of paper, neither SBS or the ABC reported anything much. Did I miss something on the other channels?
    It would have been more useful if you had given details and perhaps some enlightened commentary on what was said rather than the ‘lying about the surplus’ stuff that makes up half your article.

  9. Albert Ross

    Hockey scoring goals? Has he taken performance enhancing substances?

  10. Mike Flanagan

    Maybe if Hockey Stick Joe could practise what he preachers (austerity) and stop committing arborside with the photocopier Swannie might be able present a balanced budget.

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